Weed Gifts under $50

Hi Nice People,

Just when you thought hedonistic consumption was over with the end of Black Friday, The Holiday Season is upon us. Between office gift swaps, extended family and friends getting presents for people is stressful (and bank account draining) AF.

One of the best ways to keep spending in check this holiday season is to set budgets for what you’re willing to spend. If you’ve avoided the hundreds (thousands, really) of emails this past Friday trying to get your attention with 20% off, here are some of our favorite CBD products and merchandise to get for loved ones that are all under $50.


Mary’s Medicinals

Mary’s Medicinals award-winning transdermal THC patches are now available in hemp CBD. This sampler pack helps your loved one test out everything without being too committal to a product or delivery method. Containing a transdermal patch, transdermal gel, muscle freeze, a tincture and a topical compound, give the gift of options to someone you love.


Mister Green

Mister Green makes some of our favorite cannabis accessories and merch but at top of that list is our Bong Water mug. Perfect for a father who revels in dad jokes or anyone that enjoys humor, the collection recently expanded to a glass can cup. Bonus points if you get the whole set which includes their iconic Nalgene.



For those that are beauty obsessed, finding a product that works and doesn’t cost over $50 can be a tough order to fill. Lucky for us, Kiskanu has a CBD face oil with 100mg of CBD, Wild Carrot, and Calendula. High in Vitamins A and E, this is a highly moisturizing face oil that will combat brutal winters and lowering humidity levels.


Cordial Organics

Sometimes you want a bougie tincture, one that looks like it was designed by Margiela and blessed by Beyoncé. This season, you might just want a tincture that works, is affordable, and has cute, approachable branding. Perfect for someone who is just starting to make their foray into the world of CBD, Cordial organics has 600mg of CO2 extracted CBD (always get CO2 extracted) and is full spectrum providing benefits of other cannabinoids. Remember, because this is full spectrum, it has .3% THC, meaning don’t buy this for anyone that still has to go through drug testing.


Studio A-OK

Poking (rightly so) fun at the wellness world, this is a koozie that pairs perfectly with your cockroach, I mean LaCroix beverage.


Go Basic

Made with the most basic ingredients, Go Basic’s “Edibles” have 10mg of CBD per packet and are perfect to pack for a pick me up at the end of your workday or, who are we kidding, as an appetizer to your breakfast. With two new holiday flavors—Pumpkin Spice and Candy Cane—feel chill and merry with chocolate.