CBD You Can Smoke 〰


Last July while researching a story for Bon Appetit I asked over two dozen CBD companies to send me their lab results. Most companies ignored me, some sent results that were dated, and, thankfully, a select few sent results with additional information. When I emailed Soul Addict, not only did I get lab results, purity tests, and authentication records, and the founder I also was contacted directly by Soul Addict's founder, Laura White. In speaking with Laura I got a deep dive into the agricultural and business side of hemp as she was growing her first harvest and producing her own branded line of products.

Fast forward six months and Soul Addict successfully harvested their first crop. Grown outdoors and with no pesticides in Asheville North Carolina, Laura introduced me to one of the first tinctures I’ve seen in the marketplace that’s in its natural oil (hemp seed) and to the fact that there were players in this industry putting people and product over profit.


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A premium hemp preroll in time for the holidaze.

So, you’re probably wondering, what does one do with piles of high quality hemp? Some will be used in their products (hi vegan nutella) and some will be used in premium hemp prerolls launched in collaboration with Nice Paper. With over 50mg of hemp derived CBD per preroll, Laura created a custom blend of passionflower, mullein, peppermint, mugwort, chamomile, and rose to help you chill TF out this holiday season. Basically you’ll feel nice after smoking one of these, which is helpful when you’re surrounded by extended family.

Why a preroll? Why smoke CBD? Here are four reasons you may want to try lighting up hemp.


Hemp is just weed that has 0.3% or less THC. The only difference between smoking a THC dominant strain versus a CBD dominant one is the effect you're going for.


As we’ve explained in the past, you don’t feel edibles for up to two hours because your liver takes its sweet time digesting cannabis—that includes hemp. Sublinguals are also not as fast as smoking, sometimes taking up to 20 minutes. As much as I love eating and tinctures, sometimes you need to relax now. Panic attacks have a funny way of not keeping quiet until the edibles hit.


I.e. you get more CBD into your system than other forms of consumption. Bioavailability is defined as how much your body absorbs a chemical and is considered to have an active effect, in this case the chemical compound CBD. Eating THC has low bioavailability but can feel nice because THC converts to a stronger compound in your stomach heightening the effects of feeling high, but CBD? Unless if you’re chewing something well and the food, beverage, or oil coats your mouth (ideally goes under your tongue) your stomach acid is too strong for CBD to survive. Right now ingested CBD that isn't sublingual has a bioavailability between 6-15%, inhaled CBD bumps up the bioavailability to over 25% with some reports noting 56%.  


These prerolls have a masterful blend of herbs, more on what each herb does below.



BaOx hemp breed that has a fruity and sweet flavor with mellow earthy notes make for a well-rounded profile. The BaOx cannabis strain is a Sativadominant hybrid that is quite high in CBD. It is also high in terpenes B-Myrcene and B-Caryophyllene (see below). Ideal for daytime and/or evening usage.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profiles:

CBD: 50 mg per preroll —one of the most abundant compounds found in hemp, it has been shown to help with inflammation and stress

B-Myrcene: anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relief), antibiotic, sedative

B-Caryophyllene: pain relief and inflammation

Adaptogenic Herbs:

Passionflower: some research shows that when consumed, passionflower can help with anxiety—helping you be present this holiday season.

Peppermint: improves blood circulation and relaxes the nerves. It is a strong purifying agent that can restore and rejuvenate both the mind and body. Known for its healing properties, peppermint can also ensure easy breathing by clearing the lungs and respiratory passages.

Mullein: this herb has been shown to help with inflammation, congestion, and allergies.

Mugwort: used in ancient Chinese medicine. Traditionally, mugwort is burned and this process is called moxibustion.  This study shows how moxa smoke can improve the autonomic nervous system and induce a relaxing effect on the body. It’s also been used for period pain and pelvic cramping.

Chamomile: pain-relieving and antioxidant benefits.

Rose: pain-relieving and antioxidant benefits.


Will I get high? No, no you will not.

  • Is it psychoactive? Yes, but that’s because CBD has been shown in preclinical studies to reduce anxiety and in clinical studies to act as a neural dampener.

  • I feel sleepy, is it the CBD? Does anxiety keep you up? Are you one of those people who spiral into deep dissections of social interactions from the day the moment you try to go to fall asleep? Your anxiety, stress, and adrenaline are keeping you up. CBD is removing some of that, so put down the phone and go to bed.

  • Isn’t smoking bad? With cannabis, it’s not as straightforward as cigarettes. Cigarettes are vehicles for the drug nicotine, but it isn’t the nicotine that will kill you (though, in high enough doses, it can), it’s the tar… we aren’t so sure cannabis has the same effects on lungs as cigarettes. To date, the American Lung Association recommends against smoking anything because of either the carcinogens or, in the case of vaporizers, the chemicals, heavy metals, and particles that get wedged into your lungs (also causing cancer). The studies we do have with cannabis and lung cancer baffle doctors: most can’t find a cancer correlation even amongst heavier users. If you aren’t comfortable smoking, or have never smoked, don’t worry, Soul Addict has an array of incredible non-smokable products. Their raw cacao hemp butterand CBD elixir are particularly great.

  • Can I buy online? Duh. Click here, get someone something nice.