Nice Times with Jordan


Jordan has done what every millennial who’s ever hated their desk job aspires to do. Four years ago he quit his corporate gig at Mercedes (which, if we’re looking at corporate jobs, that one’s pretty nice), started a company in an industry many wouldn’t pin (that’s a pun, keep reading) as a guaranteed success, and built a cult following for his successful business. That’s right, Jordan founded PINTRILL, and yes, you’ve probably seen his pins on Instagram. 

Perrier vs Fiji pin released at ComplexCon

Perrier vs Fiji pin released at ComplexCon


Aquarius, US, Brooklyn: EARTH

Tell us about yourself.

Jordan, 31, PINTRILL


What are you proud about right now?

Getting out of bed, it’s the small things.

What was your first experience with weed?

The first time I smoked was in a hurricane in Florida.


What do you like using? Any favorite brands?

Kiva chocolate.

What does “wellness” mean to you?

Taking care of yourself.

Favorite nighttime ritual?

Smoke a joint and watch an episode of Family Guy.


What skincare product do you swear by?

Lubriderm, thanks mom.

What do you wish people understood about weed?

I wish people would stop trying to understand so much about weed. You don’t need to understand everything for it to be okay.


What do you admire most in your friends?

Their ability to be my friend.


Favorite munchies?

Pim’s, Junior Mints, Fruit Snacks, Gushers.

If you’re not feeling nice, what do you do?

It varies—case by case basis.


What’s the advice you want to listen to more?

If you’re in the darkness, turn on the lights.

Dream presidential candidate for 2020?

Michael Bloomberg