The Best Munchies Combos on Earth 🌍👅


Snacks are sacred. When you’re high they can be emotional, like the comfort safety net you need. Sometimes it’s practical. We all need a cure to dry mouth. We all have our go-to’s, here are some of our favorites (and favorites you wrote in). 


Is there anything better than a frozen grape when your mouth feels like you’re chewing on sand-filled cotton balls? The only thing that can compare to the textural and thirst-quenching satisfaction of a frozen grape might be a Persian cucumber. Crunchy, mini (mini is cute) and perfect to munch on when water alone isn’t cutting it. 


Pop-Tarts are like a true friend you haven’t seen in ages. You’re a little nervous to hang because it’s been a while but within seconds you remember nothing has changed, because, you love each other. That is the Wild Berry Pop-Tart. Eat one of these and you’re thrown back to your childhood and it tastes a little dry, but good. Pop open a Recess (we’re partial to blackberry chai) and you’ll come down from you high being grounded both in memories but also… CBD + caffeine. 


Cheese dust is the best flavor dust in the game. Add some spice and you basically have the nexus of flavor town. Nacho Cheese Doritos will always be a classic but for when you want to level up your flavor game, get some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Pair with some sweet bell peppers because you are a self care queen.


Starburst and mochi might just be two of the most satisfying textural combinations in the game. Add our favorite non-alcoholic but enlightening beverage Kin Eurphorics and you’re in for a sweet time. While we’ve been talking about munchies, one thing that also is deeply satisfying is getting ready to go to bed. Rodial Bee Venom’s cleansing balm is emollient and textural ASMR while Youth to the People’s hydrating overnight mask will keep you looking fresh even if you spent the entire night eating sugary things. 


Nutella is one of those foods that can make you feel high after one bite. We’re into the Nutella & Go pack because when you’re really high you can put Nutella on some dangerous things (it’s not good on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, we tried it). Breadsticks help offset this challenge and with some Reddi Whip and cherries your munchies are off to a good start.