Is This the Perfect Stash Box?


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When it comes to smoking accessories, Sackville & Co has elevated the game for weed. Created by Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt, this duo got into weed the way our favorite people in any business do; they tried to buy something and it didn't exist, so, they made it. For them, local head shops were "chipping away at [their] souls with each puff."

The result? Cannabis accessories that you want to show off, not hide at the bottom of your stash box (we love you oblong-y beige-y glass pipe but you're not cute). From their gorgeous grinders to gilded keychain doob tubes, Sackville & Co flips the script on smoking experiences.

We partnered with Sackville & Co to bring you our latest collaboration; the perfect stash box. Clear acrylic with a magnetic snap closure, each stash box comes with rhinestones so you can bedazzle your box (creativity is nice). We sat down with founders Dineen and Van Brunt to understand what got them into cannabis and what they wish people understood about weed.

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How did you get into weed?

We got into the weed game very organically actually. We both have been using cannabis for different reasons and as the industry began evolving, it became so clear to us that no one was rethinking the experience of smoking. We wanted to be able to be able to have the accessories we were using match the same aesthetic that we love. The same way that we curate the items we have in our homes and the clothes we wear, we felt like cannabis accessories should be no different.

Honestly, we’re a both pretty bougie at heart, and those uninspiring head shop pipes chipped away at our souls with every puff.

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What do you wish people understood about weed? 

Van Brunt: I wish that people knew that if you have had a ‘bad experience’ with weed, it doesn’t mean you should write it off forever! I hear so many people say that they tripped too hard or got paranoid in college and ever since then they’ve been afraid to try again. Weed is so individual, and in today’s marketplace you can truly get the dosage that you need to support your goals. Whether you want to manage pain, support sleep or just piss yourself laughing, play around with THC percentages, ask a budtender at a dispensary, or take a deep dive into amazing sources of knowledge like Nice Paper!! 

Dineen: I wish we had more information about cannabinoids. We talk to so many people who feel afraid to approach the plant because of stigma & fear mongering spread by the War on Drugs. There is so much more to cannabis than just getting high (though thats a great option too). I am excited for more research to come out on lesser known cannabinoids like CBN & CBG!

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Why did you start with accessories?

We wanted to change the experience we had with smoking weed. Even the act of hiding your cannabis accessories reenforces the idea that consumption is shameful. We wanted to create pieces you could feel great about; that you could show off to your friends, or that would just fit into your home. We felt like re-designing the staples was important to changing the way people felt about smoking weed - plus we really wanted smoke wear that we felt good about buying! We wanted pieces actually added value to your experience, and doubled up as beautiful home design pieces.

What were some barriers to starting an accessories company?

Weirdly creating “Paraphernalia” products has opened our eyes to how insane the fear mongering is around cannabis. For example, shopify has put up major blocks to payment processing for us (even though we only sell accessories!). Customs can also be a bit tricky but we have worked to find ways to work through it.

The first time you smoked weed?

Van Brunt: I’m not sure I remember the first time I smoked, but one of my favorite memories from early days in testing the waters with weed was hanging out with a couple of my close friends at their apartment, just hanging out passing around a joint and watching tv, getting way too stoned knowing that we were just going to straight up veg out the whole night. That's when the carbon monoxide detector alarm went off.

I am not joking, it felt like we spent 45 minutes staring at each other crying laughing knowing that we were way too high to manage the fact that we were about to die. After what seemed like an eternity of this laugh/panic cycle, we finally decided we should call 911. Not long after the fire department showed up, sirens and all, and several handsome firemen came into the apartment to see what was going on. I hid behind what my head told me was a stack of pillows on the couch, but in reality was one pillow I was holding in front of my face. After about 5 minutes, they proceeded to let us know that the alarm was NOT going off, but the batteries in the detector needed to be replaced. 

I still have residual embarrassment from that day when I cross paths with a firefighter. 

Dineen: First time was definitely high school (sorry mom) I can still picture my friends and I camped out my best friends basement giggling the night way.


What's the one thing you want to happen in the industry?

Van Brunt: For it to become federally legal! 

Dineen: Yes federally legalized to get people out of prison and jail and so we can really get some deep research on all of the cannabinoids produced by the plant, we have so much more to learn!

Where do you get your design inspo from?

Van Brunt: Our accessories are inspired by great art, and great design. I love going to auctions and getting cool antiques and sculptures. There are so many places to pull in design from with architecture, art, and sculpture. The utility is also super important to the how we design and product testing is a very important and fun part of the process.

What are some trends you think are going to come up in cannabis and accessories?

We definitely see cannabis accessories in the future being integrated as true ‘accessories’ across large fashion and homeware retailers. We have already seen such a change in the industry with who is interested in participating in the cannabis industry. Big players like Barney’s are taking on accessories the same way that they showcase jewelry, bags, etc. We anticipate many more retailers to follow suit.

We also see the cannabis industry, and accessories specifically, merging with luxury fashion, art and music. Cannabis accessories will become a part of luxury designers' lines, major artists tour merch offering and we will see cannabis accessories begin to be uniquely developed as an expression of an artists’ vision.

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Favorite way to consume?

Van Brunt: I’m all in on edibles. Once I learnt how to dose myself (with trial and error) I haven’t looked back. I microdose to manage stress and anxiety, but I also use edibles to chill out and to support sleep when needed. When I need to just laugh until I cry with friends, I still always go back to the trusty joint though.

Dineen: I love smoking joints. The ritual of rolling a joint and the act of smoking is super relaxing for me. I am loving all the new products coming out; low dose edibles for the day time are becoming a favorite.

Favorite way to decorate the case?

Van Brunt: I want to paint that shit gold! My decorating sesh will for sure include gold nail polish, probably some glitter and if possible I'd like to find a way to incorporate some scratch and sniff stickers.

Dineen: rhinestones, and more rhinestones, I could honestly decorate hundreds of these.

Follow Sackville & Co on Instagram here and if you want a link to the stash box, here you go.