Nice Times with DedCool's Carina Chaz


Carina Chaz grew up with two "Ls" her life; Los Angeles and laboratories. In the late 80s, her parents were pioneers in the clean beauty space having built LaNatura, a product line and facility that focuses on wholesale & spa products. As a result, Chaz would spend her spare time experimenting in her family's laboratory. Having always been into healthy living and scents, she took her access to chemistry and equipment and created her first fragrance at 13. After a few successful launches in her teens, and having started a brand under her name, Chaz pivoted to DedCool in 2016 when she was 21. Believing that fragrance can tell a lot about who you are, Chaz has expanded from pure fragrance to a range of chapsticks (including our fav, pineapple express) and massage candles (another favorite). Focusing on vegan, safe, uni-sex and cruelty-free scents and products here's what a self-taught perfumer likes to do to feel nice.




Tell us about yourself:

Hi! I’m a 25 y/o self-taught perfumer. I compose fragrances as an embodiment + self-expression. I cultivate uni-sex, vegan, non-toxic wearable scents to share with others. As the “cool and conscious consumer,” I believe education is imperative for our world…I mean hey, it’s 2019 and everything must have intention.


What are you proud about right now?

Awareness. Since I started DedCool in 2016 I’ve had a one-track mind. I mean how could you not be when you’re starting a brand? As DedCool expanded and grew (very) organically, I lost sight of not only my physical health, but mental. At the start of 2019 around my 25th birthday I promised myself that I’d to focus on being the BEST version of myself. I learned being selfish can be a good thing and dumped my boyfriend of 3 years, cut ties with toxic friends and decided to start practicing what I’ve been preaching for years… being your own advocate.

What was your first experience with weed?

The first time I smoked weed was with my best friend’s little brother… he had recently purchased a dragon bong from the Venice boardwalk (back when weed was illegal, 2009) and we smoked poolside on a warm summer night. That was fun.

What do you like using? Any favorite brands?

I’m into the mini joints. I feel like at my old age (25, lol) I only need a mini to get the job done. Big fan of: Yew Yew Pipe /Higgs / Lowell’s / Pure Beauty doobies.


What does "wellness" mean to you?

Wellness to me means understanding your needs as an individual, whether that’s turning your phone on do not disturb or cooking a well balanced meal and smoking before bed. It’s all about taking initiative with mind + body + soul.

Favorite nighttime ritual?

Either turning on the Goop podcast or a newly curated music playlist, light up the Yew Yew pipe and run a nice long bath before bed.  

What skincare products do you swear by?

Current hero products include: Mara Retinol Oil, Josh Rosebrook SPF nutrient cream, DedCool Chazstick (of course) and homemade vitamin C serum.


What do you wish people understood about weed?

I’ve always felt there is some weird stigma about weed to the non-consumer. my personal opinion? On the contrary, you can be really productive and creative if you find what works. People always ask me how I devised my DedCool plan… I answer “weed”.

What do you admire most in your friends?


Favorite munchies?

Mango + Tajin.


If you're not feeling nice, what do you do?

Watch Friends and or Sex and The City and sit alone until I feel nice again.

What's the advice you want to listen to more?

I can't be a singular expression of myself
There's too many parts, too many spaces
Too many manifestations, too many lines
Too many curves, too many troubles
Too many journeys, too many mountains
Too many rivers, so many – Solange “Can I Hold the Mic (interlude)”

Dream presidential candidate in 2020?


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