The Weed You Need This Month 🆒

Jake Register from @jakesastrology breaks down everything you need to know about your sign for March.

Mercury is no longer retrograde! You may have noticed some miscommunications and mishaps until April 3, thanks to hazy Neptune’s grasp on Mercury as it fights to move forward through Pisces. But, rest assured, your tension headache gradually relieves itself and by April 15, Mercury is out of its post-shadow period, aka the retrograde’s trials and tribulations are OFFICIALLY over!

Your motivated mindset and high energy levels carry on for most of the month thanks to Aries season’s fiery influence, and relating to others on a more emotional and compassionate defines your relationships for most of the month thanks to Venus and Mercury in Pisces. On April 17, Mercury blasts off into hot-headed Aries, where it remains all month, inspiring bright ideas and helping you unapologetically speak you mind.

Taurus season starts on April 20 (insert 420 joke here) and the vibes of the calm, patient earth sign permeate the atmosphere—perfect for vegging out on the couch for a month and just taking it easy. At the same time, Venus enters Aries, so you won’t need to worry about being bored during the chillest month of the year. This helps you strike up new relationships and brings tons of new (albeit short-lived) connections into your social circle and love life. Despite the two vastly different vibes of Aries and Taurus, balancing them out is a breeze—you can look forward to meeting new friends and feeling nice with your people while still having plenty of time to unwind by yourself at the end of the day.


Aries: Happy birthday, Ram! Despite it being your season, the first half of the month asks you to take it easy with all of the post-Mercury retrograde vibes still buzzing in your mind. You’re in the mood to relax and daydream for the first half of the month, but don’t let yourself completely zone out! The real world comes a-knocking around April 10 and brings some (potentially harsh) reminders that you of your various responsibilities and obligations. Make sure you finish that big project for work/class ahead of time, because authority figures are keeping a critical eye on your progress. Handle your shit this month! Upwards mobility, a bonus, and all sorts of other goodies are OTW if you can take care of business ASAP. Venus enters your sign at the end of the month, AKA the best time of the year (astrologically speaking) to get a makeover, splurge big on something you’ve wanted for a long time, and feel luckier when it comes to your love life!


Taurus: Last month you had to deal with BS from the squad in the form of “he said, she said,” gossip and rumors which, as the zodiac’s expert in staying in your own lane, you can’t stand. Good news is the truth comes out re: this drama during the two weeks of the month, and you can rest assured that the most important people are sticking around for good now. This month helps you to dive deep and galvanize your friendships. With how close you’re getting to your tribe, don’t be surprised if you catch feelings for one of your besties. Your season starts on April 20—happy birthday! After blazing it on the nicest holiday of the year, escape away with your new crush for some one-on-one time and an exciting new love affair can blossom. Uranus, planet of disruption and suddenness, just entered your sign and promises to make a commotion on April 22, and flexibility is a must. Keep an open mind and sudden acceleration in your relationships or work life are a likely possibility of this day—but being your usual stubborn self could lead to accidents or conflict.


Gemini: Aries season is the most social time of year for your sign, so you’re living it up with your friends all month long. Sure, all of the soirees and get-togethers are fun and all, but you need to leave time for work. Have you filed your taxes yet? You’re a chronic procrastinator and “deadline” isn’t a word in your vocabulary, but missing the due date can fuck you over in the long run this year especially. Making sure you have all your ducks in a row at work is imperative, and since Mars, planet of action is in your sign all month, you have no reason not to handle your shit! The week of April 14 - April 20 is major, and you’re working overtime in both the professional and social realm. You’re wrapping up projects, making tons of new connections (professional and platonic) and moving non-stop getting ready for your 4/20 get-together, which promises to be a massive success! Take the tail end of the month to wind down and let your feet hit the ground—you deserve it!


Cancer: You’ve been busier than ever lately, and Aries season has pulled out all the stops for your sign. This continues for most of the month—your boss is still breathing down your neck, your relationships are still undergoing major changes, and the hectic pace of your day-to-day life shows no signs of slowing down. Feeling crabby? Instead of receding into your shell, try to be flexible, especially around the middle of the month. Big moves in the professional/academic realm head your way around April 14 after you work through a few initial challenges, and on April 20, Taurus season begins—the most social time of the year for your sign. Your social life picks up speed and you’re filling your friends list with all sorts of new connections. Down the line these people can become valuable professional contacts, new additions to your squad, or they can just be some new smoking buddies to have a nice time with.


Leo: Aries season is the time of year where you feel the most confident and extroverted, and now that the wet blanket that is Mercury retrograde has finally ended, you can fully enjoy the like-minded fire sign vibes! Mercury retrograde scrambled up your most intimate relationships—aka your connection to your partner and your finances—but by taking a more serious approach to these areas of life, you can patch up any hurt feels and fill up the holes in your bank account. Towards the end of the month as the astro-weather heats up, your job becomes a bigger priority. You’re not the “all work, no play” type, but you won’t have any problem focusing on work first, because the chance to go on a trip or take a fun class for your job is coming up. Be on your best behavior! Taurus season is the time of year where all eyes are on you at work, leading to making serious moves or majorly fumbling your bag.


Virgo: It’s no secret you’re a total control freak—it’s sort of your thing. Mercury retrograde and Aries season teamed up to teach you the importance of being flexible with others, and Venus in Pisces is helping you learn to be more in-tune with the emotional relationships you have. Your crush or new friends help you become more familiar with your feelings and inner self this month, but they aren’t guaranteed to stick around forever. Trying to hold onto them too tightly leads to them slipping through your fingers like sand. Don’t try to make everything perfect from the get-go! Live in the moment, let yourself feel things, and let new relationships grow at their own pace. You become aware of how out of control you are on April 13 when you face sudden developments in one of these new connections. Maybe a friend you’ve been having issues with leaves the picture, or maybe your crush approaches you to go on a date—whether it’s a positive or negative experience, it’s a learning moment that pushes your relationships in the right direction.


Libra: You’re the sign of one-on-one relationships, and you thrive best when you’re with your “partner in crime,” whether it’s your best friend, significant other, or just a favorite coworker. Despite the big focus on your job during the first half of the month (aka: repairing all of the rushed details and errors you made during Mercury retrograde)there’s still time to hang out with nice people and make friends. You’re working to find the balance in your work life most of the month, but towards the tail end of April, your one-on-one relationships become your real focus. You and your bestie are better than ever, and time spent with your partner is always romantic and fun! If you’re single, you may see your crush returning your feelings. Relationships rarely develop past the “talking” phase for your stereotypically superficial sign, but Taurus season starting April 20 aims to teach you the value of commitment and solid relationships.


Scorpio: You’re known for being calm, cool, and collected most of the time and you never let someone see you sweat, but the breakneck pace of Aries season plus the hassle that was Mercury retrograde has pushed you to your limits! If Venus in Pisces wasn’t bringing good vibes to your love life and creative side all month, you’d be at risk of breaking under the pressure—luckily, after the stressful first two weeks of April, your astro-forecast clears up. On April 13, expect growth in your relationships—platonic, romantic, or otherwise—coming from connections with new people you just “click” with. Right afterwards, you see that the blood, sweat, and tears you shed at work last month were worth it on April 14. Whether it’s a bonus, recognition from your higher-ups, or just the satisfaction of a job well done, you can expect a ton of relief. Life at work doesn’t slow down much as the month goes on, but your workload does, allowing you to take a breath and take it easy once Taurus season starts.


Sagittarius: As independent as you are, there’s a required distance between you and everyone else. Lately, you’ve been distancing yourself most from your family or roommates since Mercury retrograde’s antics stirred up all sorts of drama with them. Now that it’s over, you can re-connect with them and feel at home when you’re at home. Aries season’s like-minded fire sign vibes are igniting your romantic side, fueling your sex drive, and inspiring your artistic side for most of the month, but don’t worry about this exciting energy going away once Taurus season starts on April 20. Since Venus and Mercury move into Aries around the same time, there’s still plenty of time to make art, make love, and feel nice doing it. All of the fun and games are nice, but you run the risk of overspending on them. Whether you’re shelling out too much cash or just investing way too much energy in recreational fun, drama occurring on April 22 reminds you the importance of balancing work and play. You’re an expert at solving problems on the fly, but try not to be thrown off if shit hits the fan.


Capricorn: Your phone is off the hook, your social media is bumpin’, and your DMs are filled to the brim right now—yet somehow you feel like you’re being more of a homebody than usual. When you aren’t clocked in or running errands, you’re usually just lounging around at home. Canceled plans, scheduling mishaps, and forgotten dates were thematic during the entire month of March, so if you feel like all of the increased communications and mental work were for nothing, it’s warranted! This month, just take it easy at home. You can improve your relationships with roommates, re-decorate the house, and re-connect with your family this April. Romance is in the air, too, especially towards the end of the month, but instead of going out to meet your latest match, you’re more in the mood to just Netflix and chill with them instead.


Aquarius: The stereotype your sign has for being emotionally detached comes from a place of truth. You’re great at stepping into others’ shoes and being completely objective in a situation, but you can also easily ignore your emotions. Mercury retrograde helped you to honor your feelings more and learn the value of emotional bonds, and it’s a good thing, too—you’re making tons of new connections this month and the potential for new love is strong! Being able to relate to others on a feeling level is necessary to have healthy relationships, and although you’re not usually one for ~emotions~ and being ~touchy-feely~ if you work past your reluctance to connect deeply, you can form solid connections and strengthen your tightest relationships this month. Taurus season starts on April 20 and marks a month where life slows way down and you can nap, relax, and unwind for a bit. You’re inviting people over more as opposed to going out, and this month might be the time where you finally introduce your S.O. to the family! This April is all about intimacy for you—not necessarily the sexual type, rather the concept of closeness with another person.


Pisces: You understand firsthand the struggles that come with Mercury retrograde happening in your own sign. Last month was a whirlwind of miscommunications, technology glitches, scheduling problems, and just general madness occurring. April is more easygoing and has a much nicer outlook, but you’re not out of the woods yet! Gossip and rumors can still bite you in the ass up until April 12, when the drama finally dies down. Venus is in your sign for most of the month, which is a once-a-year transit marking the perfect time to attract love, make more money, and feel beautiful! If you’re in the mood for a makeover, spa treatment, or a wardrobe upgrade, you can’t go wrong this month. On April 20 the astro-weather shifts majorly, and life picks up the pace. Your approach to life becomes more serious; you’re taking important phone calls, hearing major news, and working hard on big projects for work or class. This isn’t a crazy, hectic month by any means, but the connections you make and the work you take on now are likely to lead to big things down the line.