Get Ready to Go out This Month, It's Aquarius Season


Happy February, nice people!

This month starts off bright and busy. It’s Aquarius season, aka one of the most social times of year. Venus is in fiery, outgoing, adventurous Sagittarius, and the constellations are buzzing with excitement! Right at the top of the month on February 2, Venus forms a connection with Uranus, the planet of surprises. Venus represents friendships, relationships, and pleasure, and this connection with Uranus spells out big changes to those areas of life. A scheduling mishap or getting lost becomes a happy accident that ends up to you bumping into who may become a long-time friend or lover, or you could try out something new in bed that leads to discovering a new favorite way to fuck around with your partner! Trying new things is supported by the stars now, and you can generate a ton of excitement just by switching up your routine a bit.

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Immediately after feeling that Uranian-flavored excitement in your relationships, Venus slides out of Sag and into Capricorn, an industrial earth sign, on February 3. This is the first big change to the astro-weather of February and you definitely feel it! This compels you to take a more serious approach to your relationships and asks you to consider whether spontaneity or longevity is more important to you. A fun bonus of Venus here is that you can channel Capricorn’s hardworking sensibilities and easily make way more cash (Venus rules money) through your professional relationships. You’ll certainly be busy, but luckily you’re making a ton of green—why not celebrate by lighting up some green? Venus in an earthy sign ensures that you can always find time to chill out, relax, and feel alright with the squad.


The quick-paced month chills out a little bit more on February 10 when Mercury, planet of communication, leaves intellectual and airy Aquarius and delves deep into Pisces. Mercury is all about facts and logical thinking—watery Pisces is so not. Pisces is the sign of spirituality, emotions, and is way more intuitive than intellectual, so Mercury can’t flex its brainpower the way it usually does. Instead, you’re able to focus on getting in touch with your feelings and inner self. This energy is also great to get your creative juices flowing, and you can de-stress by making art, writing poetry, or meditating.


As the month carries on, the astro-forecast continues to slow down, and on Valentine’s Day, Mars enters Taurus after a six-week stint in rambunctious Aries. You notice the change in energy immediately, as the hotheaded, motivated, action-oriented Aries energy dissipates in favor of a more mellow vibe. Earth sign Taurus is the stoner of the zodiac, no question about it, so with any activity here comes the opportunity to get absolutely bouldered and have a great time doing it. With Mars, planet of action, in Taurus, you’re setting aside time for yourself to toke up and unwind, but when you have work to tend to, the hardheaded and determined nature of Taurus is helping you handle your shit and take care of business without a problem.


Come February 18, the sun enters Pisces, marking the official end of Aquarius season. The month began with a big focus on air signs and fire signs, aka the extroverts of the zodiac, and now, at the start of Pisces season, the earth and air constellations have taken main stage, bringing a more quiet and introverted mood. With the sun in Pisces, you can take all of the Mercury in Pisces energy and magnify it to the nth degree—you have an abundance of feels, you want to connect deeply with others, and you’re feeling more compassionate and spiritual. You’re more spaced out now and feel a kaleidoscopic range of emotions, in typical Pisces fashion. A good use of this energy would be taking a trip with your friends, psychedelic or otherwise. You want to get in touch with them on a deeper emotional level now, and the experience promises to broaden your horizons and open your mind. Roll out the rest of the month by honoring the Piscean vibe and sleeping, dreaming, being creative, and relaxing.