Your Nice Paper Monthly Horoscope

Jake Register from @jakesastrology breaks down everything you need to know about your sign for February.


You’ve been living on the go 25/8 it seems, but hey—you’re living it up! You’re the life of the party no matter where you go, and if nothing exciting is going on, you have a way of making the day a fun celebration. Having a slam-packed social life is fun and all, but if you don’t take a break sooner or later you’ll burn yourself out! If you do, don’t worry—Pisces season starting on the 18th marks a month of relaxation and much-needed chill vibes.


February finds you in a focused, work-oriented frame of mind and you’re struggling to keep up with the hustle and bustle of your busy routine. Keep at it, and your dreams of upwards mobility could become reality before the month ends! You’re kicking ass and taking names and outshining everyone at your job once you find your rhythm. Work becomes less and less of a priority as the month carries on, and by the 18th when Pisces season starts, your social life becomes #1 on your agenda.


Big changes are apparent in your relationship from the start of the month when planet of disruption, Uranus, stirs the pot in your love life. This could be a moment where you just say “fuck it,” go your own way and just do you for a while. The big focus on jobs/finances later on in your February horoscope indicate that you’re probably too busy to entertain the bullshit and drama of romance, but Venus in Capricorn all month long has you dedicated and committed to the relationships that actually matter.


If you’ve been feeling crabby this Aquarius season, don’t stress anymore! At the start of the month, your frown turns upside down when Venus, planet of love, enters Capricorn, your opposite sign. This highlights your relationships and brings luck to your love life! Whether you’re looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now, rest assured that you can get whoever you want now. The end of the month feels like an adventure as Pisces season fills you up with confidence and optimism and brings opportunities for travel!


With Aquarius season always comes major moves re: your relationships, and that’s certainly been a theme for the past couple weeks. You’ve enjoyed fling after fling (or just tons of action with your partner if you’re not single) and had endless opportunities for romance and fun, but Venus’ movement into Capricorn asks you to prioritize work over play. Figure out a way to handle shit at work (hint: actually doing the work and not procrastinating helps) and by the end of the month a fat paycheck or stellar promotion shows you that hard work pays off.


On top of your hectic day-to-day being absolutely chaotic this month, your love life is stirring to life for the first time in what feels like forever! Venus, planet of love, enters Capricorn on the 3rd, which activates the areas of your life pertaining to love, sex, and fun for the month. Pisces season, which starts the 18th, activates your chart’s relationships zone and brings even more action into your rapidly developing love life while the stressors of your 9 to 5 wane away. Enjoy these good vibes, Virgo, God knows you need them!


This month’s astrology wants to renovate your relationships! Your friends/lovers/fuckbuddies are always the center of your attention, but lately, it may be for the wrong reasons. You’d normally stress over drama or how others feel about you, but Pisces season, starting on the 18th, picks up the tempo in your daily work flow so much that you just can’t be bothered! Douchebags that you’ve outgrown will slowly phase themselves out of your life this month, while those that matter will still be there for you to smoke + chill at the end of the day.


Aquarius season has felt like one long yawn for you it seems. Besides your painfully monotonous 9-5 routine, most of your activity has been contained at the house chilling. Re-download your fav dating app this month because Venus, planet of love, enters Capricorn on the 3rd, signifying plenty of activity and new connections re: your love life! Erotic Mars entering sensual Taurus on V-day creates the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable fuck and Pisces season beginning on the 18th marks a month of increased romance, creativity, and all around fun in your life!


You look like a million bucks, Sagittarius! Really, you do—Venus rules over beauty and money and has spent the past few weeks in your sign. It only has a couple of days left this month before entering earthy Capricorn on the 3rd, which is almost as pleasant since it draws in dollars like a magnet! Probably related: Mars enters Taurus on the 14th which suggests that work becomes insanely draining, but luckily Pisces season starts on the 18th! Emotional Pisces season can feel like a wet blanket if you let it, but the dreamy vibes of the water sign help you relax and unwind to fully recharge your batteries on those tough days.


If any one sign deserves a treat yourself day, it’s undoubtedly yours! You work your fingers to the bone, take everything too seriously, and constantly feel stressed and under pressure! February wants you to chill out like, now, and the perfect opportunity comes on the 3rd when the planet of pleasure and beauty, Venus, glows up in your sign! Treat yourself, get a makeover, go shopping—whatever makes you feel good! You’re conservative and practical and aren’t likely to spend too much cash on makeup or pretty clothes—why not help yourself feel and look better by adopting a new wellness routine?


Happy birthday! You steal the show wherever you go, and your relationship with your entourage is A1 right now! There’s the chance to encounter new people and network at the start of the month, and the connections you make now are important—these new contacts can help you reach high places in the future. Once your sign’s time of year ends on the 18th and Pisces season starts, life becomes less busy and way less social. You’re working regularly, earning coins and handling shit, but not much else. You aren’t clocking in overtime by any means, but you have enough free time for personal interests, hobbies, or just feeling nice with friends.


Aqua season is notorious for harshing your mellow. You’re the sign of emotional openness and compassion, but the sign of the water bearer is the least touchy-feely of them all! A cloud of moodiness follows you around for the first half of February, but on the 10th Mercury, planet of communication, enters your sign! This clears your head gives you just a taste of Pisces season which begins a week later, on the 18th, which resets your attitude and you feel on top of the world! Happy birthday!