Jake Register from @jakesastrology breaks down everything you need to know about your sign for March.

It’s that time of year! After a blissful few months without major planetary drama, the first Mercury retrograde has arrived. This go around, it’s in the emotional sign of Pisces, so get ready to laugh, rage, and cry harder than usual, thanks to the train-wreck of feelings headed your way for the next three weeks. 

This March horoscope focuses on Mercury retrograde, and better yet, how to best survive the first astrological shit show of 2019.

In dreamy Pisces, Mercury wants to relax and snooze but is easily overwhelmed when too much is going on around it. Grab a chair, roll up, and try and let yourself zone out and chill before the going gets tough. Read on to see the best products to pick up for your sign to navigate the communication problems, technology troubles, and all the other drama of Mercury retrograde 2019.


All last month felt like an emotional roller coaster, thanks to the drama with Mercury in Pisces. You’ve also spent way more time alone thanks to Pisces season, and while all the extra downtime has been nice, it’s getting kind of lonely. Mercury retrograde is helping you to review and take a closer look at how you treat your loved ones, how you talk to others, and how you express your feelings. For a sign as explosive as yours, you can be an extremist in any area of life, so try to reel it in. While contemplating, you can learn to enjoy the extra alone time through self-care, meditation, and resting up as much as you can before your birthday season on the 20th. That’s when the real party will start, right after this retrograde ends on the 28th!


You’re stubborn as they come and so passive-aggressive when you don’t get your way that it’s seriously fucking with your friends. Think back to any arguments, bickering, or gossip you had to face over the past few weeks—these issues are amplified for your sign this Mercury retrograde. Stress between members of your friend group is at a critical level, and the pressure gets so strong this month that something might snap. Re-approach the way you communicate with your loved ones. Be more open and honest, especially about your feelings, and try to see things from their point of view. Make a point of showing your extroverted side and invite the squad out for drinks and let them know you’re not just along for the ride, but you care very deeply about them. If not, Aries season, starting on the 20th, could be a lonely few weeks.


How invested are you in your job? Does your current place in the world feel particularly satisfying? Do you see yourself growing and meeting your goals for the future here? If the answer is no, Mercury retrograde will bring about some events that really bring that to your attention. You’re not the most commitment-oriented signs, and that includes to your job or your dreams. Mercury retrograde wants the next three weeks to be all about getting a grip on what it is you want to do in life and figure out how you’re going to get there. Look back at all of the good work you’ve done so far and use those experiences and memories to help you figure out how to make the best of your current situation or make plans for better gigs in the future.


You’re no stranger to emotions, so Mercury in Pisces the past few weeks has been resonating well with you. One of the bigger Mercury retrograde issues your sign faces this time is the difficulty with travels. If you have a vacay planned this month, you better make sure you have your plane tickets, schedule, and suitcase ready way in advanced before going anywhere—Mercury retrograde is notorious for losing your shit over misplaced belongings. Mental exploration, as well as actual travels, is another big theme for your sign. You’re bound to encounter new people or hear big news this month that broaden your mental horizons and really compel you to review your worldview. Through it all, you’re learning tons about others and feeling better about your own beliefs, even if it’s hard at first. In short; if you’re planning to do any sort of tripping this month, be careful, and expect a very memorable time.


You’re very stuck in your ways and you’re known for your “me, first” attitude. You can’t help it—you’re as gleaming and bright as the Sun, so people tend to just gravitate around you. It makes you a popular fixture in the social scene, sure, but with your closest relationships you might be causing others to feel neglected. This month focuses on how you communicate with anyone that knows you intimately, like a best friend or long-term partner. Communication isn’t a one-way street! You’re encouraged to listen just as much as you loooove to talk now and learn how to take into consideration others’ thoughts and feelings before your own.


Pisces is your opposite sign, so Pisces season without the retrograde can make you feel imbalanced and off-center. Usually, relationships are a process of meeting in the middle, but lately they may have felt like a game of push-and-pull. Mercury retrograde is pulling your attention to your relationships—platonic or romantic—and asking you to reconsider how you communicate with others, especially around your feelings. Your matter-of-fact attitude comes off as critical and cold on your worst days, and the way it wears down on others is making itself known now. Loosen up and instead of being critical of everything others do, let them be imperfect and be open to their feelings and opinions. Pisces season is all about teaching you to open up about your own feelings and wants you to show others that you’re a human, too! By the end of the month, you’ll find your closest friendships are even closer and you feel more intimate with your loved ones.


If work life has been stressing you out, Pisces season could be to blame! The energy of this time of year highlights the various duties and responsibilities in your day-to-day routine, especially on the job. Miscommunications among coworkers pop up and arranging important phone calls, meetings, or appointments is more problematic now, which adds a heavy load to your mental wellbeing! Your biggest responsibility, the one you have to your health, is also highlighted with Mercury retrograde. You’re the people-person of the zodiac and invest tons of time and energy in others, but now’s the time to invest some in yourself. Go to the doctor for a check-up, start an exercise routine, or make a more nutritious meal plan. Mercury retrograde is amplifying these stressors so that you know exactly what parts of your agenda you need to fix!


Pisces season typically does wonders for your sign, but throwing Mercury retrograde into the mix makes it tricky. You’re a sensitive, moody water sign, and with how emotionally wide-open Pisces season is, it’s actually much easier for you to let down walls and express yourself. This attracts more creativity, fun, and romance into your life, but Mercury retrograde is lurking and switching things up! It’s not that you’re going to be miserable all month, you’re just taking a closer look at how you express yourself and what it is you’re attracted to for pleasure, and why. Surprise events and unscheduled mishaps usually throw your routine-loving sign off balance but now become a source for a good time! If you’re the creative type, you can appreciate inspiration from unexpected places that can re-define your craft. On the romantic side, the things you look for in a partner are changing and the types of fun you share in the bedroom are, too—it might get pretty kinky, too!


You’re always on the lookout for adventure and constantly seek out new experiences. Incorporating new knowledge and experiences into who you are is an innate of your sign, and you welcome changing and developing into a new, better person with open arms. Mercury retrograde wants you to pause and let your feet touch the ground for a few weeks and review the past. Your relationship with your family, the ultimate determining factor in where you come from, is highlighted now. Don’t expect too many big moves or sudden changes for the next few weeks, and if any important new opportunities or big decisions come your way, don’t rush them. Chill out, call mom and dad, and reflect. By the end of the month, you’ll have a newfound appreciation for all of the progress you’ve made, and just in time, too—Aries season starting on the 20th creates an exciting, fiery vibe where you can thrive and express yourself to the fullest.


You’ve been going 100 miles a minute for weeks it seems, to the point that even you, as industrious and perseverant as you are, feel pretty worn out. Your phone’s off the hook non-stop, you’re running all over town for errands and work like crazy, and there are always other people around—can’t the universe cut you a break already? This busy lifestyle is undergoing major changes now, but you aren’t getting off easy—it’s just as busy, just way less consistent for the next few weeks. Established plans fall through, traffic is just bad enough for you to clock in late every day, and other people’s interference in your day is just…confusing. Your best bet is to go with the flow (which is easier said that done for someone who needs structure as much as you) and be fine with the tides of change this Pisces season. Before you know it, you’re back on top, and can settle down for a well-needed nap by the end of it all.


Hold onto your wallet, because Mercury retrograde is about to fuck around with your finances if you don’t keep a close eye on them. Money makes the world go ‘round, as they say, and Mercury retrograde is notorious for surprise bills or charges to your bank account. Keep the urge to splurge on a new piece and reschedule your “treat yourself” day for when the retrograde is over, and your bank account won’t be hurting! Aside from financial resources, other valuable assets like your time, your energy, and your job will struggle as they all shift around this month. In addition to saving up cash, try rearranging your schedule or work habits to save on time and energy. Relationship/friendship not working out? Figure out where you and your partner allocate your emotional resources and how much you invest in each other. By the end of the retrograde, your life will be de-cluttered and run smoother than ever.


Mercury has been hanging out in your sign for a couple of weeks now, so the planet of communication has been spending all its time and energy in helping you openly share your thoughts and opinions. It’s nice that you’ve been able to vocalize your thoughts and feelings better, but now you’re realizing that it’s easy to unapologetically speak over others without letting them a word in edgewise. People know you for your emotional and somewhat vague nature, but now that you’re speaking up more, they’re holding you more accountable for your words. Re-consider your approach to how you communicate with others and try to look at things from others’ perspective. You have a ton of beautiful ideas in your rainbow of an imagination, and a heart overflowing with compassion; people genuinely want to hear what you have to say! When your thoughts and opinions and stories change with your mood, it gets old fast. Just try and be more aware of how you say things, and you’re golden!