Your August Horoscopes

Here's your monthly horoscope by @jakesastrology.

Congratulations on surviving the biggest shit show of 2019! July was an absolute tragedy of a month and it’s safe to say that e v e r y o n e is breathing a MASSIVE sigh of relief now that it’s finally fucking over! August promises to be the nicest month of the Summer, because Mercury retrograde is over, there are no more eclipses, Jupiter, planet of luck, ends its months-long retrograde on the 11th, and the Sun and Venus team up on the 14th and make it the best day for the next year for all things related to love, pleasure, and beauty.

The Sun, Venus, and Mars are all in Leo, so it’s peak Leo season right now. You’re feeling more theatrical and dramatic than usual—but in a (mostly) fun way—and your love life feels more romantic and your sex life feels hotter. Mercury is still hanging out in moody Cancer, but on August 11 it skirts into Leo, and the next few days feel like a week-long party. Leo is the sign of fun and games, so don’t expect to get much work done but remember, you have an entire summer’s worth of non-retrograde fun to catch up on.


Mars, planet of libido and motivation, enters Virgo on August 18, which is when the fun starts to wind down. You go from the hot-and-bothered, high energy vibes of Leo to a more hard-working, meticulous attitude. Fun isn’t your top priority anymore, you’re ready to handle your shit and get down to business! That could mean work, school, or just tidying up your whole life—Virgo is aaaaallllll about working hard and staying busy. Venus enters Virgo shortly afterwards, on August 21, and your relationships become less over-the-top and showy in favor of a more practical, serious attitude about your love life/friendships.

The party is officially over once Virgo season begins on August 23 (right in time for school to start back up, for all of the 21+ students reading this) and you’re taking an “all work, no play,” attitude, which is only reinforced by Mercury’s entry into Virgo (its fav sign) on August 29. It’s a great time to clean up around the house, get organized, read, clock in some overtime hours, and handle any work that requires lots of focus and attention to detail. Is it as bumpin’ as Leo season? Well, no, but you always have to spend some time cleaning up after a rager, and that’s what Virgo season is all about.

Don’t work yourself to death, though! This Virgo energy makes it feel like you always have to be doing SOMETHING and you won’t like to waste time or take breaks. Virgos are the zodiacs big planners—they love writing lists, organizing things, all that “fun” stuff—so pencil in some time in your schedule to relax and get high with nice people, because with how much you’re working this month, you’re going to need it!


You’re a very all-or-nothing type, but this month’s astro-weather is making you learn to balance out work and play time. You’re also not one to listen to anyone (even horoscopes, unless they say exactly what you want to hear) but it’s mega-important that you don’t party too hard or work your ass off with this mix of Leo/Virgo astrology. Mars in Virgo means you’re feeling super energized no matter what you’re doing, but if you don’t take it easy every now and then, you risk burning out big-time. Self-care needs to be at the top of your to-do list—make sure you’re getting all your nutrients, getting enough sleep, doing your skincare routine, etc. and you’ll be just fine!


The beginning of August finds you smashing the snooze button on your alarm—Every. Freakin. Morning—thanks to Leo season putting you in the mood to take a catnap for a few weeks straight, but once Mars, Venus, and the Sun enter Virgo towards the end of the month, you wake TF up and you’re feeling totally re-energized. To most signs, Virgo season is *meh* but for you, it’s crazy how much you get off thinking about the most productive month of the year—“get off” meaning feeling thrilled but also, this Virgo season promises to get you laid waaaaaay more than usual. Enjoy!


As one of the zodiac’s biggest party animals, you always thrive during Leo season! There’s always a pool party, beach bonfire, etc. to hang out at, and never a dull moment with how freakin’ busy your social life gets! As the month goes on, your life quiets way down and your phone’s not going off every .2 seconds, you’re not getting hundreds of notifications every day, and you’re not always drowning in emails and texts anymore. Just because you’re not on the move 25/8 this Virgo season doesn’t mean you’re any less popular or you’re getting boring, Gemini—the planets are just giving you a hint that you need time to stay at home, focus on work that needs to be done at the house (like cleaning your room, it looks like a tornado blew through it) and enjoy some productive alone time. Look forward to way more action going on at home (more like tidying up and redecorating, this isn’t really a house party kind of month) and getting closer with your fam this month.


It’s safe to come out of your shell now, Cancer! Those eclipses on top of Mercury retrograde all in your sign were a doozy, weren’t they? Well, the worst is finally over, and the remainder of Leo season is the perfect time for you to just breathe! Your schedule feels steady again, and towards the middle of August it’s looking like a biiiiiiiig bonus is getting deposited into your bank account, so treat yourself to something nice and go on a shopping spree before Leo season is all said and done! You pick up the pace during the second half of the month and there’s tons of texting, phone calls, emails, meetings, and social gatherings you’re a part of, but it’s nowhere near as hectic as last month! Virgo season tends to be pretty easy for your sign, so *fingers crossed* hopefully you’re able to just coast on through this month.


Happy birthday, Leo! There’s not one, not two, not three, but four planets in your sign this month. In astrological terms, this is called a “stellium” and for you it means that you don’t just feel like the center of attention (as per usual) but you are the center of attention! A once-per-year cazimi Venus occurs in your sign on August 14, which means that you’re the star of the show on the best day this year for all things related to love, pleasure, and beauty, so get a makeover! Go to the salon and do something wild with that mane of yours! Upgrade your wardrobe! Seriously, this is suuuuper lucky astrology, and if your love life has felt dormant lately, expect it to pick back up (and accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.5) by the time Virgo season begins.


All of the planets in Leo are hiding away in your chart’s 12th house, the place associated with the ending of cycles, isolation, and self-undoing—yikes! Hey, at least you still have your friends, right? Well, maybe not… all of this 12th house drama means that the first couple of weeks of August are bringing out the worst in the people around you, and there could be backstabbers or manipulators hiding in your circle that reveal themselves. It’s bittersweet but now you’re at least able to take out the trash and kiss toxicity goodbye! After that, it’s your birthday season—yay! There’s a huge turnaround in the atmosphere at the end of the month when there are four planets in your sign, including Venus (love and beauty) and Mercury (your number one favorite planet) so if life isn’t feeling too grand at first, just wait it out—you’re getting new friends, better relationships, learning more about your ~feelings~, and really improving your self-image, so it gets better! I promise!


Leo season is the most social time of year, and Mercury skidding into Leo on August 11 means that your group text is even more busy, you’re making tons of plans with your squad, and there’s a party invite in your notifications every day! Just a heads up: all of the Virgo energy (starting August 18 with Mars in Virgo and reaching its peak by August 29 when Mercury enters Virgo) of this month is almost guaranteed to give you whiplash when your social life shuts down and you enter a period of introversion, solitude, and rest. Be careful who you drunk dial/gossip about/etc. during the rest of Leo season because those same people are coming back around, they could confront you, and for all the shit you did to them, they’ll do back to you. Karma’s a bitch! It sounds harsh, but you’re a talker, Libra, and you can’t help but gossip (especially during that damn Mercury retrograde) so try to nip it all in the bud by knowing when to keep your mouth shut. If you can do that, then Virgo season won’t feel so nightmarish, it’ll be more like a long ol’ nap. Sweet dreams!


Hey Scorpio! Leo is the most celebutante-y, dramatic, and egotistic sign, so everyone feels like they belong on center stage, soaking in the limelight during this time of year—your sign, however, feels like you’re just under a hot spotlight at work. All of those extra hours you’ve been putting in pay off once Mercury enters Leo on August 11, and its presence there for most of the month is great for negotiating a raise, asking for a promotion, etc. after a job well done. You can celebrate that big bonus at work once Virgo season starts at the end of the month by partying with your squad! Virgo season is the most social time of year for you, and it’s great for hopping onto your group chat and making plans, networking, and meeting tons of new people! This final stretch of Summer promises to be one of the most fun times of year for your sign!


If you haven’t yet, plan a vacation this month! Leo season is the perfect time of year for you to travel, and even if it’s a short day trip to the beach, any sort of adventuring ends up being a great time where you make unforgettably fun memories! Your fav planet, Jupiter, has been retrograde in your sign for a few months, but on August 11 it turns direct! Jupiter represents luck and growth, so the rest of 2019 is going to be abundant and way better than the past few months. Make sure to live it up as much as possible, though, because Virgo season starts at the end of August. Everyone is hard at work during Virgo season, but your sign? Your sign is productive 25/8 during Virgo season, being scrutinized at work, and feeling even more noticed than you do during Leo season. It’s a good thing you’re literally endlessly energetic and so optimistic, because any other sign would crack under the pressure! Handling your shit this Virgo season = recognition, promotions, and big achievements, but flopping on the job = the bad kind of attention, frustration from your co-workers, and TBH it just feels pretty fucking shitty.


The first half of this month, your life continues to centralize around the particularly stressful relationship drama you had to deal with during Mercury retrograde, but if you do your best to own up to your mistakes, be honest with your partners/friends, and let yourself be open to compromising and forgiving others, then the rest of the month is absolutely splendid for you. Let yourself feel feelings (scary, I know) and be less rigid, Capricorn—it’ll pay off when you show others that you’re an actual human being that can be flexible and forgiving. The end of the month promises to feel way more optimistic and exciting, thanks to all of the energy happening in your fellow earth sign Virgo. This is the final stretch of Summer 2019, and it’s perfect for you to travel, go on vacation (or a stay-cation since you’re low-key a homebody) and take some PTO. You deserve it after the royal dragging that July pulled you through!


Mercury retrograde made you totally sick over the past month—literally, because it was in your chart’s zone of health and wellness, but you were also getting a huge headache from how much your job was taking out of you! Now that Mercury is moving in the right direction again, you can enjoy the rest of Leo season focusing on your relationship with your friends, your BFFL, and your partner. If you’re living the single life, it’s a good time to find a Summer lover, especially since all of the action happening in Virgo later in the month activates your chart’s zone of intimacy—spicy! You and Virgo are similar in the regards of being able to emotionally detach, but the vibes of Virgo season are also activating your chart’s zone of the subconscious and emotional depth, so get ready to get deep in your feels. Sound scary? Don’t worry—this could mean getting way more in touch with your inner side, connecting deeply with loved ones, and there’s also the chance that your bedroom starts seeing way m ore action as your sex life gets busier!


You’re meant to spend the beginning of August doing your best at improving your self-care routine and taking care of you, mentally and physically. You’re hard at work, organizing your home, clocking in overtime hours, and focusing on your health. Do it because you want to, if not issues may crop up. Once Virgo season starts, however, life takes a chill pill and you can focus on what you love most—people. Virgo is your chart’s zone of relationships, so any time spent with a friend or partner promises to be time well spent. You’re learning more about yourself through your relationships for the second half of August. The good, the bad, and the ugly parts of your personality all play a role in the connections you have with others, and you can do a ton of self-exploration and have great breakthroughs if you just listen to how the other people in your life respond to the things you say and do.