How to Maximize Your Virgo Season

Here's your monthly horoscope by @jakesastrology

It's going to be an intense month. Starting off, there are four planets in Virgo—Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the Sun (okay, technically not a planet, but it still counts)! Virgo is the zodiac’s perfectionist and the energy this time of year carries helps you embody the hardworking, detail-oriented, and pragmatic traits that Virgo is famous for. It can feel very “all work, no play,” and that’s because it sort of is—Virgo season is the zodiac’s version of a ten second tidy (but instead of ten seconds, it lasts for a month) and this one’s bringing the heat!

The first week of the month has the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all sit together on the exact same degree of the zodiac. Mercury rules communication, Mars rules action and energy, and the Sun represents the general vibe of the moment. They’re all teaming up in Virgo, so the mood around that time is ruthlessly Virgoan—you’re feeling ultra motivated to get shit done, busy all damn day, talking to more people than you can keep track of, and checking every single thing off of your to-do list. The trouble here is that you’re so focused on Doing The Thing—whether it’s finishing a project for class, putting the finishing touches on a presentation for work, whatever—that you can come off as short, inconsiderate, or downright cold with others, which is reflected by the Venus/Neptune opposition the next day, September 4. Venus represents relationships, and Neptune is foggy, dreamy, and represents confusion, hallucinations, and deception. You could have such bad tunnel vision concentrated on all the work you’re doing that you don’t even realize you’re coming off how you are to others, and when they’re still salty about it you just don’t get it! This is reinforced on September 7 when Mercury and Neptune enter a similar opposition with each other, so communication of all types gets hazy and seeing eye-to-eye with anyone just ain’t happening. Try and remember to breathe, make sure you take as many breaks as you need, and think before you speak—that way, you can keep the drama to a minimum for the first week of the month


The second week of September has the potential to find you getting just as much work done as the first, but with minimal drama. Mercury shares a harmonious, easygoing connection with Pluto, the planet of transformation, so you’re able to really dig deep and do some serious research and make sure you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s in whatever major project you’re pursuing. It’s a really great day for deep cleaning your home, Marie Kondo style, taking out the trash, so by the end of the day everything looks spotless! There’s another discouraging Neptune opposition on September 10, and this time it’s facing off with the Sun. Basically, this brings the same kind of delirium from the start of the month, and you’re feeling emotional and insecure when it comes to the projects and relationships in your life that aren’t as perfect as you’d like them to be. Virgo season has you pouring your heart and soul into the work you do and the people you care about, but it never feels like you’re doing quite enough. There’s always something else to fix, a tiny adjustment to be made, and it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture in the blink of an eye because of how critical you are, especially on this day. The best thing to do is relax, unwind, hang out with some nice people that you feel comfortable and safe with, and try to remember that perfection is a great ideal to strive for, but it can be the worst enemy of what’s “good enough.” On September 12, action-packed Mars and Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, square off and take your mood from 0 to 60 and you’re feeling back on top! You’re motivated, way less concerned with the tiny details, and feel empowered to do whatever you set your mind to. Right afterwards, on Friday the 13th, Mercury and Venus team up, making for the perfect astro-weather for any sort of socializing—whether you’re spending the night with your boo, telling someone you have feelings for them, or you’re just having a good time with friends, Mercury and Venus teaming up guarantee a fun experience for everyone involved. The next day, September 14, Mercury and Venus sashay into Libra together. All of the tension, stress, and nit-picky Virgo feels you’ve had all month immediately die down, and you’re more driven to be around friends, meet new people, and add some more excitement to your love life! It ain’t quite Libra season yet, but this first taste of the most romantic time of year is an incredibly welcome change from all of the non-stop work of Virgo season! 

The third week of September doesn’t have any major astrological action until September 19, when Mars in Virgo connects with Pluto. This is likely the busiest day of the month, if not the whole year, but luckily it gives you the determination and drive to push through anything the world has to throw at you. Nothing can stand in your way, and this is the last “hurrah” of Virgo season 2019, so any loose ends or incomplete details that you haven’t gotten to yet can be tied up now so that there’s plenty of room for the fun and games coming with Libra season. On September 21, expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and foggy Neptune in Pisces form a harsh square angle to each other. This has been a year long event, and it only happens around once per seven years, and represents a point in time where your biggest hopes and dreams inflate exponentially and you’re beyond thrilled to make something happen with them! You’re getting in touch with your feelings, spirituality, and expanding on your personal philosophical and political views, and trying to change the world through your rapidly developing beliefs, but your imagination and fairytale wishes get squashed by the real world—so what do you do about it? This is the final moment of this particular Jupiter/Neptune square, so you’re coming to conclusions, coming down from this emotional/spiritual high you’ve been riding all year, and making practical changes to make your goals a smidge more realistic while still getting the emotional satisfaction of making your dreams come true—which is being helped out big-time by Virgo season, and you’re seeing real changes happening now. You’re starting that business, even though you know that it won’t become a Fortune 500 corporation overnight, you’re writing that book you’ve been dreaming about even though you know it won’t necessarily be the next great American novel, and you’re coming to terms with the fact that even though you’re not living in a Disney movie, you can still make magic happen on a more mundane level. On a world wide scale, political propaganda and dogma are starting to unravel as the followers of these over-the-top, radical ideologues (*ahem* like the MAGA crowd, for instance) are finding out that the agenda they’re pushing just is not realistic or doable, and they’re adopting more moderate and sensible views and progressive, compassionate figures are winning out over authoritarianism. 

Finally, Libra season begins on September 23, the first day of autumn! Libra is the social, romantic air sign motivated most by connecting with people and maintaining a sense of social equilibrium and balance with all of your friends—new and current. You’re less picky-choosy now that most of the Virgo astro-weather has blown over, and more open to new ideas and people. You’re also more compromising, open-minded, and open-hearted, and relationships move up to the top of your list of priorities—it’s no wonder that this time of year is called “cuffing season,” ya feel me? The optimistic, social mood is amplified on September 24 when Mercury and Jupiter share a positive connection, making all kinds of socializing run beautifully, but on September 25 Venus has a difficult connection with Saturn, the planet of obstacles. You’re so eager to connect with someone but they’re just not sharing that same energy with you, which is the worst possible thing to feel during Libra season! It only lasts for a day, thankfully, and on September 28 Venus has a gentle, supportive connection with Jupiter, meaning that relationships of all kinds—platonic, professional, romantic—run smoothly and you’re feeling delighted with the people you have in your life. It’s also a great day to meet your next crush or a future best friend. The final day of the month isn’t quite so sunshine and rainbow-y, though—Venus and Pluto clash, bringing major changes to your relationships. This could be great, like falling in love at first sight, turning a situationship into a more serious love affair, or sharing a deep and meaningful connection with a friend. On the flip side, it also takes any issues, resentments, or secrets hiding in your relationships and exposes them, forcing you to suck it up and deal with the ugly truth of a situation—this could mean falling out with a shitty friend, breaking up with your partner, or eliminating any kind of relationship that’s passed its expiration date, whether you’re ready or not. Luckily, since Libra season is the best time of year to make new connections, even though this might be a rough start, there’s tons of fun and plenty of nice people to be found around every corner from here on out! 

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscopes below:


Aries: All month long you’re shocking yourself with how much shit you’re getting done—you’re famous for being constantly energetic but this month has even you running out of steam by the end of Virgo season! The first week of September is work, work, work, work, work, and there are majorly important convos with your boss happening, too. You’re eager to please and love how much you’re shining at the office but don’t overextend yourself, or you risk burning out! Your new rise and grind lifestyle pays off in the middle of the month, when Venus and Mercury team up in Virgo on September 13, then enter Libra together on September 14—you get that big bonus or promotion you’ve been aching to achieve for week now, so you can finally breathe! When Libra season begins on September 23, pretty much all of the past month’s Virgo energy gets transferred from your chart’s zone of work to its zone of relationships, so it’s an incredible time to finally take a break and spend time having fun with friends. For all you single Aries out there, this is the perfect time to partner up with your crush, and if you’re already locked down in a relationship, you are your boo are getting closer than ever during Libra season! You’re tempted to flip the “all work, no play” vibes of Virgo season to a 100% fun and social lifestyle now that Libra season’s arrived, but try to keep up your performance at work—if you neglect your responsibilities or start arriving late right after you killed it for an entire month, the stressful astro-weather of September 26 could result in a severe reprimanding from your boss or general chaos at the office.


Taurus: The first week of the month is pretty great for you, Taurus, not gonna lie. All of the hubbub in Virgo is charging up your chart’s zone of love/sex, so on top of loving your job and wowing all your coworkers, you’re getting tons of action on the side, too! If you’re single, you risk having an über emotional moment after bumping into someone you instantly fall for—this total dreamboat can lead to tons of fun in bed or an explosive (but very brief) love affair, so don’t expect more than that to come out of it. You’re all about commitment and you’d rather do a LTR instead of an NSA fling, but even if you feel like they’re soulmate material, I promise they’re not the LOYL. The second week of September is much nicer to your love life, though, whether you’re single or taken. Relationships of all kinds are developing at a fast pace and you’re getting more intimate with your S.O. and having super deep moments with your friends. Earth signs are the know-it-alls of the zodiac, so you’re pretty caught off-guard by how much you didn’t know about these people, but you’re thrilled to be getting more in-touch with them and getting a more in-depth connection with them. As the month comes to a close and Libra season starts, you’re working even more it feels like than you did during Virgo season! Libra season is all about your duties, obligations, and your day-to-day routines, because it’s activating your chart’s zone of work, and you feel like you’re practically living at the office—and when you’re not clocked in, you’re running errands or cleaning up or taking care of some other shit. You had a ton of fun during Virgo season, but now that there’s a helluva lot of Libran energy in the stars, it’s time to get serious again!


Gemini: Life at home is pretty hectic right now, and your family is more involved in your life than they’ve been in for-fucking-ever it feels like. The explosion of Virgo energy is activating your chart’s zone of your inner self, domestic affairs, your family, and the past. Whether it’s for good or bad reasons, these things are all making themselves pretty prominent in your life—you’re even dreaming about them every night—and that’s because there’s issues that need to be dealt with there. Virgo is the zodiac’s fixer-upper, so Virgo season is pushing you to tidy up these realms of life. If your house is a mess, clean that shit up. If you’re having a hard time with family drama, don’t ignore it or run away (as you tend to do), try and be practical and start a conversation to find a solution for the problem. The solution can come in the form of trying to perfect the flaws in these parts of life, AKA doing a deep cleanse of your space to make home feel like a home again, burying the hatchet with your fam, stuff like that. It might also need to be addressed by cutting your losses and taking out the trash. Virgo’s an incredibly discriminatory and critical sign, so you could solve your issues by moving out of a shitty living situation, straight up tossing out of all of the stuff in your house you’ve accumulated, or deciding to leave the past in the past and distance yourself from your parents and focusing on your chosen family instead. September isn’t all gloom-and-doom, though, I promise—by September 14 when Mercury and Venus enter Libra, life gets much better, and by the beginning of Libra season on September 23, you can bet on feeling so great that the drama of the first half of the month feels like ancient history. Libra season’s vibes activate your chart’s zone of sex, romance, and fun, so you’re finally leaving the house, your love life starts thriving again, and you’re back to your normal fun-loving, extroverted, and carefree self.


Cancer: Every day there’s been a million places to go, people to see, errands to run, emails to answer, etc. it feels like, because Virgo season is truly the busiest time of year for your sign—but not in a bad way! Sure, you’re doing a ton (and continue to do so for the first half of September) but you’re also learning something new every day, making new connections, and learning how much fun it is to get out of your shell! The first two weeks of the month are amazing for going on mini-adventures with friends and going to new restaurants, hanging out at bars other than your usual spot, and trying new things in general to get a better feel of where you live and the people in your environment. By the time Libra season begins on September 23, you’re feeling all tuckered out, though—and that’s just fine, because Libra season’s energy is activating your chart’s zone of home life and family. This is a month long period of rest and recuperation—you spend all of Virgo season going off and trying a billion new things, so now you need a few weeks to sit with all of the data you collected and let it marinate. You’re living your usual homebody lifestyle and getting plenty of time to roll up, take it easy, and relax, and loving every minute of it, TBH, but there is one thing to watch out for—the last week of the month has a series of stressful moments with planets in your chart’s zone of relationships, but it doesn’t have to be a bad time! This just symbolizes that there are a multitude of changes happening in your one-on-one relationships—you could be losing friends or lovers, but you could also be turning a situationship into something more serious or turning one of your new acquaintances into your bestie!


Leo: Just a heads up—money trouble is a potential issue for the first half of September, specifically on September 4 and September 10. It’s not necessarily anything too crazy, but surprise expenses or an overlooked bill with harsh late fees may wind up, so make sure you’re double and triple checking your bank statements right now! Even if you do end up having to shell out a lotta dough to cover things, Virgo season is making your chart’s zone of finances thrive, so you’re making enough cash to cover it and then some! Amidst all the work you’re putting in right now, there are a few opportunities to get hot and heavy with someone sexy, thanks to lucky Jupiter in your chart’s love/sex zone getting activated on September 6, September 8, and September 12! Venus and Mercury entering lovely Libra on September 14 means that for the rest of the month, you’re getting more Tinder matches than you can count, meeting tons of new people, and all of the busyness at work is transferred over to your social life—needless to say, things are getting way nicer. Libra season, starting on September 23, amplify these themes, and you’re more outgoing than ever and feeling like the most popular person around! Jupiter gets activated again on September 24 and September 28, bringing a delightful oomph to your love life right at the end of the month.


Virgo: HBD, Virgo! It’s Virgo season, there are four planets in your sign (including lovely Venus), and you’re feeling pretty GD good at the beginning of the month! You’re usually known for being more shy and submissive, but thanks to action-packed Mars’ help, you’re able to assert yourself, get shit done, and feel more confident than ever all month long. On top of that, all of the BS in your love life from this summer finally chills out in the first week of the month—patient Saturn and Venus team up together to help you get any drama with your lover under control and all of your relationships start to balance back out again, finally. Saturn is actually helping your love life for the entire first half of September, so you’re able to determine the relationship if you’ve been in that weird “what are we?” phase for a while, you can confidently start a new relationship, and you can patch up any issues with friends/lovers that haven’t been dealt with yet. You’re working hard AF (as per usual) right now, since it’s Virgo season, and you’re known as the zodiac’s busybody, and come September 14 when Mercury and Venus enter Libra, you finally start to see some compensation (read: cash!) for all of the work you’ve been putting in. This is amplified when Libra season starts on September 23, because all of these planets are activating your chart’s zone of finances. So, you’re ballin’ with a bigger budget, loving up on someone cute, and thriving—sounds like you’re having a pretty nice month!


Libra: Of all the signs, yours has been the one tidying up the most this Virgo season… well, maybe not tidying, more like a controlled burn of all the extra baggage in your life that’s accumulated for the past year. All of this Virgoan energy has been in your chart’s 12th house—the zone of isolation, your unconscious mind, and the completion of cycles. Toxic relationships, self-defeating habits, destructive behavior, and all other sorts of harmful patterns in your life have been made extremely prominent to you so that you can figure out why they’re happening and how to eliminate them. On top of the many external changes happening in your life, there are great internal transformations happening, too, and you have your “aha!” moment on September 13, when Venus and Mercury connect in Virgo. A lightbulb goes off, you realize exactly how to get rid of all the bullshit you’re dealing with, and you can cut your losses while also understanding that even if it sucks now, it’s ultimately what’s best for you. The very next day, the same two planets enter your sign! Venus is at its strongest in Libra, so your mood pulls a complete 180º and you go from tired, moody, and anxious back to feeling like your normal lovely, optimistic, eager, Venusian self! Libra season begins on September 23—happy birthday to you! The Virgo season drama isn’t totally finished up yet (because aggressive Mars is still floating through the earth sign until October) but you’re feeling loads better by the end of the month. You probs lost a few friends, or your bestie, and maybe even your relationship partner over Virgo season, but thanks to a few positive connections between Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in the final week of September you can count on meeting much nicer people that will more than make up for the ones you lost this month.


Scorpio: There’s a change of scenery happening this month in your social life, Scorpio! Virgo season’s vibes are helping you to pick and choose who you want to surround yourself with and who needs to exit stage left, and they’re also helping you to meet some new nice people to add to your circle. The first week of the month can bring a ton of drama within your squad, but once the dust settles there it’s smooth sailing for the rest of Virgo season! Once the Sun enters Libra on September 23, however, life gets reeeaaaaal quiet until Scorpio season begins. Libra season is a month where your chart’s 12th house is lit TF up by tons of planetary action, and there’s a great deal of inner turmoil that takes place. Don’t freak out, though—the 12th house is the part of your chart having to do with the completion of cycles and isolation, so think of the end of September (and the beginning of October) as your opportunity to get more in-touch with your inner self and get away from the craziness of the outside world. Take plenty of time to meditate, dream, and try and relax while you get more familiar with your deepest self and your emotions—you definitely need the rest after the crazy whirlwind that was Virgo season!


Sagittarius: September is hectic for you, Sagittarius—bottom line, cut and dry, point blank, period. There’s a boatload of action happening in your chart’s zone of career and reputation, and another metric ton of astro-drama in your chart’s zone of work, responsibilities, and routines—basically, you’re insanely busy this month. The good news is that you have the power to take all of this productive energy and achieve some major upwards mobility at work and get instant compensation and satisfaction for all the hard work you’re putting in, but the bad news is that since you’re under the spotlight, standing front and center, everyone is watching you and if you flub anything, people will notice. No pressure though, right? You have Jupiter, planet of luck, in your sign currently, and it’s giving you a huge boost in confidence and energy this month, so you totally got this. Once Libra season starts on September 23, your performance of a lifetime at work is finally over and you can breathe again! Libra season is the most social time of year for you, so you can celebrate the five trillion accomplishments you had at work with your squad and have a great start to the autumn season!


Capricorn: The very beginning of the month has the potential for major changes to your love life, especially if you’re single! Mercury, planet of communication, connects with Uranus, planet of surprises, so the hottest person around might be your next Tinder match, or you meet someone that you’re instantly into! Venus is in Virgo for the first half of September, so you’re being encouraged to branch out and connect with new people, and every conversation can become an experience where you learn something new from all these memorable connections. Virgo season in general is all about expanding yourself and broadening your horizons—mentally and physically, AKA it’s a great time to travel if you have the time and money! On Septmeber 14, Mercury and Venus enter your chart’s zone of career and public image, so the constant working of Virgo season gets bumped into overdrive, and once Libra season begins on September 23, the work gets doubled! If any sign can handle this type of pressure, it’s you, Capricorn—you’re the most structured and ambitious sign, so even though everyone would crack this month, you got it all locked down!


Aquarius: Not gonna lie, the beginning of the month is emotional. It could be a rollercoaster of feels where you go through a ton of highs and lows, but there’s also the risk of it being more like an emotional train-wreck. There are a ton of planets in Virgo, in your chart’s zone of intimacy and the subconscious, and you’re changing a ton internally based on your closest relationships. Intimate moments with others is bound to stir up your emotions (which is saying a lot since you have a reputation for having the emotional capacity of a robot) and any flings or hookups you get into are basically guaranteed to result in your catching feelings. After you get more in-touch with your deepest inner self and grow closer to your loved ones this, you finally reach an “aha!” moment on September 13, when Mercury and Venus connect—you get it, you understand why the people closest to you are in your life, and you have a deeper understanding of your emotions. Libra season, starting September 23, takes all this introverted energy and transforms it into an outgoing, extroverted attitude for you. You’ve worked through your emotional inner drama and you understand yourself more comprehensively, so now it’s time to embark on new experiences that will help you expand and grow and learn! Libra season’s vibes are all in your chart’s zone of adventures—that means that every day feels like an experience, you learn something new from everyone you meet and everything you do, and you’re finally feeling like yourself again!


Pisces: It’s a busy, busy, busy month for you, Pisces. All of the Virgo season energy is in your chart’s relationships zone. You’re meeting new people, making friends, going on dates, and strengthening the already existing relationships in your life. September 6 is a great day to take your squad out for a good time together—structured Saturn and transformational Pluto receive positive energy from the Sun and Venus, meaning that the experience changes your friendship collectively and helps you all grow closer together! You’re getting tighter with your friends and loved ones, and it’s a wonderful experience for everyone involved, but when Libra season starts on September 23, the vibe is less ~fun and easygoing~ and a bit of emotional turmoil begins. Libra season’s planetary action is lighting up your chart’s 8th house, the zone of intimacy and your subconscious, so you’re learning more about the emotional impact your closest relationships have, and you’re learning more about yourself through the relationship you share with your significant other or sex partners. You’re already an emotional whirlpool 25/8 but Libra season promises to accelerate your feelings and it can get a little hectic—but don’t be too stressed out, Pisces! The 8th house of your chart also rules inheritances, and lucky Jupiter swoops in during the final week of the month and a hefty paycheck or surprise check in the mail can show up and make you feel way better about things!