The Politicians Making $ off Weed


Every year, an estimated 600,000 people are arrested for cannabis possession. While all 600,000 don’t end up in prison, an overwhelming majority of American’s can’t afford to pay bail. The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that 9 in 10 Americans can’t afford bail and that 60 percent of people are in jail waiting for their “day in court.” An overwhelming number of Americans have their lives disrupted and in many cases destroyed without ever having been convicted of a crime. Even misdemeanor crimes can have up to three year wait times. For those out there that don’t understand the devastation that follows being held in jail, read up on Kalief BrowderJeffrey Pendleton, and Sandra Bland. If you want to help an organization dedicated to reforming bail visit National Bail Out.


With the CBD industry continuing to grow at a frenzied clip and cannabis stocks soaring in * legal * cannabis markets, we wanted to take a look at the politicians who are jumping into the cannabis fray. Republicans and Democrats are joining the boards of businesses and we wanted to see how their voting track records held up and what they are doing (if anything) to make positive change.


Overall: if he donates all his money to ending cash bail, positively impacting prison reform, lobbies for gun reform, tattoos “CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL” on his neck and dedicates his life to getting communities he destroyed with his policies back on track we might be ok with it.


Overall: while we shouldn’t be surprised politicians become lobbyists who then make money off things they put people in jail for, doesn’t mean you need to support the brands they’re board members for.


Overall: what’s smart and thoughtful is bail and prison reform. While he has voted well on some issues like contraception, he blocked some bills that would have helped us avoid the cluster-fuck we are experiencing with immigration and was part of the "tough on crime" movement in the 90s. Overall, not great. Easy to not rush scheduling when you're free and making money off the very industry 600,000 American's are in jail over.


Overall: while Crowley didn’t obstruct bills or vote them down, he didn't sponsor a legalization bill until AOC came into the primary race that unseated him. So, while he isn’t John Boehner levels of terrible, he shouldn’t exactly be profiting from it since he didn't do much to help the thousands of people in jail for weed.

TLDR; while some politicians are more terrible than others, I don't know how much we can expect from aging white guys when it comes to cannabis. While it's abundantly clear they're in this for the money, not repairing the harm they helped inflict with decades of prohibition, all we can say is look at who is on the board of your favorite CBD or THC company. At the end of the day, you're the one making decisions about who gets your money.