Hi Nice People!

Welcome to Nice Paper. Our mission is simple: to make weed as nice as you are… and we think you’re pretty nice.

We know that legal cannabis makes the world a nicer place. Not because of our personal experiences, or even that thing called science that shows it can help our minds and body—but the mere fact that illegal weed has caused vastly more harm than good.

One thing is certain: As long as weed is illegal, people will continue to have questions that go unanswered. Misinformation inevitably leads to stigma, and stigma slows legalization, leading to more injustice. We want to help everyone lead their nicest life, no matter their zip code.

Each month, we take a look at a different theme around weed breaking down what you need to know in a weekly email. From our favorite products (and other nice people’s top picks, too), we also dive into where we’re at with legalization, dispel mounting myths and claims, and even show you how to make some nice things at home. We’ll also share stories from people whom this plant has helped and hurt—while we are lucky to have cannabis in our lives, many are not, and we believe that everyone’s stories should be heard.

Our content is original, crediting the writers, creators and photographers we collaborate with to make nice things for Nice Paper.

So, with that, welcome. Thanks for being nice :)

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Nice Paper x by CHLOE

Nice Paper curated a Feelz by CHLOE’s shop, a takeover of Sweets by CHLOE. Creating the educational programming for Feelz by CHLOE, Nice Paper selected their favorite CBD products ranging from chapstick to topicals and drinks. CBD infused treats and the shop is open from September 27th-October 14th in both Seaport and Bleecker Street location. Covered in Business Insider, Gothamist, Bustle and more, the collaboration was so successful it expanded to all UK by Chloe retail locations.


The Thirty “I Want Her Job” Feature

We spoke to The Thirty about Nice Paper, how to fight cannabis stigma, and why education is critical for legalization and culture in America.

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Fashion Week Survival Pack

We gave 80+ editors CBD products to help them chill out this fashion month.

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Nice Paper x Grass Roots Juicery

Nice Paper collaborated with Grass Roots Juicery and Lily CBD to create their most popular summer drink.

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Nice Paper on Mic Dispatches

The founders of Nice Paper talk about why CBD is not a trend and why cannabis is here to stay.