9 things you need to know about shrooms

A beginner’s guide to another plant that’s nice.


Meet Tracey Henry ✨

“I started using CBD while recovering from the chemo and found that it really relieved a lot of that nerve and joint pain. I noticed a difference if I didn’t take the CBD on many levels. I noticed that I had an overwhelming feeling of calm and wellbeing whenever I would take the CBD, which was like a bonus. I also felt like my ability to focus increased. I was very familiar with cannabis, but as CBD was all that I could legally get my hands on, I stuck with that for a long time. It really did work for me. I got certified for medical marijuana much later.”


The Nice List

Ever wonder what tincture to use? Preroll? Vape? Lotion to slather all over your brain and body? We got you covered with our biweekly reviews of the nicest products out there.


This is how you actually dose cbd

Promise, bioavailability is not as boring as it sounds.


Your monthly horoscope, explainers on what the planets are trying to tell us, and the weed you need to deal with astrological roadblocks and opportunities.

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The Mood you need for 2019

Make moods not resolutions ✨


how to survive the holidaze

The holidays can be stressful, Nice Paper’s here to help.


cannabis skincare is nice〰

This month we’re tackling pores, sebum, and why hemp and CBD might be the best thing that ever happened to your glow up.


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CANNABIS fact check

We talked to experts to answer all your weed questions.


〰Hi Nice People

We're here to make weed as nice as you are. Because you, and cannabis, are pretty nice :)

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Brands should be nice

We help brands with product, marketing and content consulting to create beautiful things (and the occasional meme). Nice Paper's mission is to help amazing cannabis-minded companies create products and accessories that have a mission to help companies create products for a new generation.


〰weed feels nicE.

In a world where over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, this month we're exploring how cannabis can help with everything from illness to workout aches.


〰Anxiety sucks. weed doesn't.

Last month we tackled how to stay nice and chill with CBD and all things cannabis.

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