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Meet Stella Santana ✨

Stella Santana lives to make music. Growing up in California with roots in R&B, hip hop and reggae her music is soulful and the stuff bops are made of. Living in New York, the writer, vocalist and producer behind some of our favorite videos, including this one which summarizes exactly how we feel about dating vs. hanging with friends. Stella also just dropped a music video on NYLON with fellow artist Kamauu and has another single that has become our summer anthem titled Yayaya.

Luckily for you, me and everyone she's making more music for 2019. We sat down with Stella in her New York apartment to understand how she uses weed and what she does to feel nice. Before you google it, yes, she's the daughter of that Santana.


Your monthly horoscope, explainers on what the planets are trying to tell us, and the weed you need to deal with astrological roadblocks and opportunities.


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The Nice List

Ever wonder what tincture to use? Preroll? Vape? Lotion to slather all over your brain and body? We got you covered with our biweekly reviews of the nicest products out there.

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〰Hi Nice People

We're here to make weed as nice as you are. Because you, and cannabis, are pretty nice :)

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We help brands with product, marketing and content consulting to create beautiful things (and the occasional meme). Nice Paper's mission is to help amazing cannabis-minded companies create products and accessories that have a mission to help companies create products for a new generation.


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