Weed "Is Not a Trend"


The first time we met Gia, it’s hard to say what first caught our eye. Besides her infectiously warm presence, she puts together incredible outfits with extraordinary attention to detail which is probably why she’s such a talented Fashion & Art Director, having worked with clients like Adidas, Heimat Atlantica, and Truss NYC. Proud to work with emerging designers as well as a lot of Korean brands when she’s not styling she moonlights as a “sock-fluencer,” another one of Gia’s ways of showcasing her creativity. 

Gia Sockfluencing.    Courtesy of Instagram   .

Gia Sockfluencing. Courtesy of Instagram.

We sat down with Gia and she showed us the way her dad taught her to roll a joint (on accident, and with a paintbrush). We perused her stash box: a colorful array of containers, trays, and lighters among her rainbow rhinestone-encrusted Juul. She says she stocks up on oil cartridges whenever she’s back home in the Bay Area, and she has no shortage of streetwear smoke accessories: a Supreme tray and vintage Playboy ashtray among the mix.


Taurus, she, nyc.


Tell us about yourself:

I am an extrovert who loves to play the introvert card whenever I can. I am a very curious person and am always asking questions (some good, some bad). I am a huge supporter of my heritage and culture, and always scheming on ways to showcase thematically the shining elements. I believe in the universe working for, and against me. I’m just trying to keep up!

What are you proud about right now?

I’m proud that I moved to New York from a small town with a pipe dream, and I was blessed enough to make it a reality and have it come into fruition. I count this blessing every morning when I wake up and begin my day.


What was your first experience with weed?

I was 15 and at boarding school. My friend who was my age, but far more advanced and experimental than me showed me the ways of weed. Which opened a whole new world of psychedelics as well. Boredom and curiosity did not kill this cat...

What do you like using? Any favorite brands?

I am a huge supporter of hybrids. Although I appreciate a oil cart/pen set up, I love the old school blunt packing and rolling. Recently someone reintroduced backwoods to me and since then all my electronic weed appliances have been gathering dust. I love a good strain of Cookies, Blue Dream, or Pineapple kush. Call me an oldie who smokes like a newbie.


What does "wellness" mean to you?

At the end of the day, I can argue diet and exercise in that order. But for myself, true wellness shines from within. I feel healthy when I am doing the things that make me sustainably happy.

Favorite nighttime ritual?

Tuning into Andre Nickatina as his voice steadies my hand and my heart for my joint rolling sesh.

What skincare products do you swear by?

I don’t do a lot with my skin. The more I fuss the more you can tell. I use a Lancôme Creme cleanser to wash, I use Vintner’s Daughter jasmine serum mixed into a Clarins pot moisturizer. Then I pat my face for about 5 mins to get the blood flow going, and I walk into a cloud of weed smoke to really get that chloro fill ;) Too punny?


What do you wish people understood about weed?

It’s not a trend, it’s not something to do for a cool factor, it’s not necessarily going to help you understand your deepest darkest dreams. Weed has many elements that effect people in many different ways, it’s difficult to compare experiences. Don’t use it as a crutch, utilize it as tool of higher education to infiltrate your most creative desires.

What do you admire most in your friends?

Their resilience. I feel beat down every day in New York and it’s really difficult to step outside of yourself and analyze the situation as a third party. My friends are really freaking good at that.


Favorite munchies?

All Dressed chips, Queso dip, anything gummy related, bagels and cream cheese, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (I’ll take anything), bananas

If you're not feeling nice, what do you do?

I think twice. If I have nothing nice to say, then I write it into my notes so I can remember how I felt in that moment. Sometimes it’s better to under react than over react in most situations I encounter. Instead, I treat myself to a small something as a “good job on keeping your mouth shut Gia!”


What's the advice you want to listen to more?

Do better, be better. It’s not enough to say it and think it, I’ve got to do it.

Dream presidential candidate in 2020?

I’m not touching this with a 20 ft stick. But if I could say, Freddy Mercury really knew what he was doing…