Your Guide to Lunar Eclipses


Here's your lunar horoscope by @jakesastrology.

Even though it’s barely been two weeks into the month, it feels like July has been dragging on. On top of the Solar Eclipse on 7/2 and Mercury retrograde going on all month long, there’s one final cosmic slap in the face heading your way. On 7/16, there’s a partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Capricorn, and just a heads up—it’s not going to be fun. 

Lunar Eclipses are the same thing as Full Moons, except much more powerful. The energy of a Full Moon is associated with coming to an emotional apex or culminating point and reaching the conclusion a relationship, habit, or project so that you can start something new. Since a Lunar Eclipse is much stronger, it’s less about letting go and more about the universe relinquishing someone or something from your life and forcing room to open up for bigger and better things. Your feelings, intuition, and instincts are heightened during a Lunar Eclipse as you navigate deeply emotional circumstances, and after it’s all said and done it allows for a hard reset of a certain area of life, depending on your sign. 

The reason Lunar Eclipses are so intense are because they shed light on major information that can change everything. Hidden truths and secrets that were kept from you are forced out into the open, challenging your perspective on the matters at hand, and force sudden realizations upon you. The Solar Eclipse a few weeks ago was all about new opportunities and surprising news, but in order to take advantage of any of the doors that suddenly opened during the Solar Eclipse, there’s something that needs to be released—an old habit or recurring pattern in your life—and that’s where the Lunar Eclipse comes into play. Unhealthy behaviors, unsatisfying jobs, personal goals you’ve outgrown, and toxic relationships are all examples of things that might need to be eliminated from your life, and this serious, stressful, and sobering Lunar Eclipse promises to highlight who or what needs to hit the road in order for you to proceed forward in life.

This Eclipse in happening in the earth sign Capricorn, which rules governments, hierarchies, and businesses. The Eclipse in particular has the potential to seriously impact people all around the globe, because it’s being heavily influenced by Pluto, the planet of world affairs, and Saturn, the planet of law and order. Saturn has patriarchal and oppressive energy, and Pluto rules over domination and destruction. The influence of these planets can be seen very clearly just by turning on the news—the United States government keeping children in cages, heads of government worldwide having dick-measuring contests and shooting off missiles, and the President being a lawless, incompetent maniac, for example—and every day things seem to be getting more and more dire. 

The last Lunar Eclipses in Capricorn were in 2000 and 2001, and were the precursors to major changes in the hierarchy of society by unearthing outrageous wrongdoings in the realm of corporations and politics, and this Lunar Eclipse seems to be doing similar things on a bigger scale—just look at Jeffrey Epstein and Wang Zhenhua, two billionaires who were just exposed for using their power and influence to sexually abuse young girls for years.

This Eclipse doesn’t just effect CEOs and politicians, however—Pluto also rules your subconscious and the most vulnerable parts of you, so the possibility to be deeply impacted on a personal level is quite high, too, especially in regards to your relationship with your ambitions, achievements, material gain, and the status quo. Since this Eclipse is heavily related to the theme of loss and release, think about how you’ve been conditioned by your family and by society to act, or behave, or do things a certain way. 

This Eclipse promises to bring an intense couple of weeks (as if July could get any more stressful). This Eclipse’s influence has a lifespan of about six months, so the crazy circumstances and important choices you make during this time all have lasting ramifications. The professional or educational goals you’re pursuing—are you chasing after them because you want to, or because you’ve been told that’s what you should do? Maybe you’re unhappy with your partner—it could be time to assess whether you’re sticking with them because of the history you share or because you actually still want to be with them. Eclipses force you to transform some area of your life, and trying to be rigid and tough and resistant to change only makes this necessary metamorphosis more challenging, so be vulnerable and honest with yourself—if something needs to go, this Eclipse will make it happen, and the best thing you can do it keep an open mind and be flexible. 


Overwhelming amounts of recognition at work are on the agenda for your sign during this Eclipse. The most publicized and extroverted area of your chart, the Midheaven, is being activated right now, and your reputation can totally change. If you’ve been doing great at work and starving for a promotion, you may be in luck. If you’ve been clocking in late, lazing around, or missing shifts, a serious confrontation may occur.


Taurus: You’re the hardest working sign in the zodiac, Taurus, but be honest with yourself—are you on the right path? I’m not asking if you’re going down the most lucrative path, I’m asking if the goals you’re pursuing are aligned with what you’re genuinely passionate about. You’re business-savvy and smart as hell, so if any sign can turn their passion into a career, it’s you.


Gemini: Your spending habits come into focus with this Eclipse, Gemini. What are you investing yourself in most? This doesn’t necessarily mean financial investments—think about your spiritual resources and the emotional labor you do, too. If you’ve been shoveling your blood, sweat, and tears (and maybe your cash) into something or someone that doesn’t have lasting value in your life, this Eclipse might send it all to hell.


How are things with your partner? If you’re single, think about the bond you share with your best friend. Be honest—how bad do things look? This Eclipse will highlight all of the reasons why things are turning south in your relationship. Your first reaction might be to hold on even tighter to the one you love, but if things aren’t able to stay afloat, you could just be setting yourself up for future hurt. This is a sink or swim moment, and before the end, you can anticipate an update to your relationship status.


Pay attention to your body, Leo—it’s trying to tell you something. If your wellness routine has been lacking lately (or if you don’t take care of yourself at all) then symptoms may begin to pop up with this Eclipse. No, you’re not going to die or anything, but if you’re neglecting your body’s physical needs—nutrition, hygiene, exercise—then your mental state and overall wellbeing can suffer during this Eclipse.


Virgo: Your love life is due for some changes, Virgo, and this Eclipse promises to clear out room for someone who suits you way better than the current person you’re chasing after. You’ve been trying to say/do the perfect things to impress your current crush but if you’re not being genuine to yourself, what’s the use? There’s someone out there that surpasses all of your (unbelievably picky) standards, and once this Eclipse tells your current paramour to hit the road, you might find that the next big thing for your love life has been sitting right under your nose.


Letting go of the past and living in a way that supports your best interests is the theme of this Eclipse for your sign. Think of all the ways you’ve been taught to behave, the ideas you’ve been conditioned to believe, and the habits/you’ve inherited from your family—are they aligned with your values and ideals now that you’re an adult? Letting go of tradition and existing in a way that honors who you are deep down is the theme of this Eclipse.


Scorpio: It’s time to let your walls down, Scorpio. You’re terrified of vulnerability and in order to feel like you’re “in control,” you hide your true thoughts, ideas, and feelings from other people. All of the secrets, half-truths, and concealed emotions you’ve been keeping are getting to be too much, and the walls you’ve worked so hard to galvanize come down with this Eclipse if you don’t learn to open up and release some of that pressure.


Sagittarius: As one of the zodiac’s four mutable signs, you’re flexible and open to, no, embrace change wholeheartedly. This is the reason for your carefree attitude and spontaneous nature, but it also contributes to your flighty and non-committal reputation. This Eclipse pushes you to make some hard decisions based on your values. If there’s no substance behind your party animal personality, this will be a time where you learn some tough lessons and crystalize your self-image.


Capricorn: You protect your sensitive inner side from the world by putting up layer after layer after layer of emotional walls, and in the process you might have locked yourself out as well. This Eclipse compels you to break down these walls, push out the toxic people in your life that made you put those walls up in the first place, and learn to practice self-love. Think of it as shedding a cocoon so you can emerge like a beautiful (and badass) butterfly!


Aquarius: This Eclipse brings a feeling of loneliness and confusion as it activates the zone of your chart associated with self-undoing. You’re having vivid dreams, acting out without knowing why, and isolating yourself. Take this time to meditate, journal, get in touch with your spiritual side, and try to find inner peace by figuring out the root of your your vices, insecurities, bad habits, and addictions.


Pisces: People taking advantage of your kind and loving nature are being highlighted by this Eclipse, Pisces, and you’re being asked to make the tough decision of cutting them off and focusing on you, your needs, and your life for a change. You might have to eliminate more friends and loved ones than you’d like, but the temporary alone time gives you a huge opportunity to work on yourself, your personal goals, and learn to love yourself—plus, it opens up room for a way better crew to hang out with.