Your Foolproof Hangover Cure 🍹


It’ll come as a surprise to zero people that alcohol consumption is down both globally and in the US. While the beverage industry likes to point to millennials and cannabis for the decline, it’s equally due to education and the fact that youths are shunning cheap beer in exchange for pricier (and smaller) servings of wine and craft cocktails. Consumption is down which has lead alcohol companies like Constellation to invest in the cannabis market. Turns out, if you can't make them drink Refrescas, start selling them weed. Combine that with the realization that it’s possible to go out, have a good time and be a functioning human before noon on weekends and you have a generation of humans that just aren’t that into binge drinking. Another trend cropping up in bars and house parties that will shift drinking habits even further? Nootropic cocktails. 

What are nootropics? Nootropic is a fancy word for chemical compounds that have a positive impact on brain activity. One nootropic is so mass even Starbucks sells it; caffeine. Other “smart drugs” that you’ve probably heard of include Ginseng and Omega-3s. While sourcing, dosing and efficacy are all in question when referring to these “smart drugs,” there is promising research in regards to each and, much like the hemp space, we have a lot of anecdotal evidence. 

One thing we do know is throwing back a few nootropics won’t give you a hangover like alcohol. While you should always know your source when drinking “active herbals” and trust that your brand is being transparent (remember, the supplement space is as regulated as hemp aka not at all), if you consume a few mocktails over the course of the evening you’ll probably wake up feeling nice. Here are our favorite nootropic drinks you can bust out at your next party. 


Kin Spritz: Make every hour happy with this “ready-to-drink euphoric that gives you a blissful buzz without the booze.” A more convenient version of Kin Euphorics, now canned, it’s packed with adaptogens (different from nootropics in that it is more about balancing your body rather than “brain boosting”) and botanicals to soothe rising cortisol, elevate your brain and of course… tastes great with almost no sugar.


Curious Elixirs: Think of this drink as craft cocktails without the booze. Made in the Hudson Valley of New York Curious Elixirs has released four concoctions with their latest, a take on the Aperol Spritz, already selling out. Each mocktail has added adaptogens and nootropics to help you feel a certain way post drinking but is, quite simply, delicious. Curious Elixirs avoids adding sugar but clocks in a bit higher than the other drinks on our list at 18g for every 2 servings (both Kin and soon to be discussed Recess are at 10g). Our favorite? Their first elixir which is a take on the classic Negroni.


Recess: we’ve all seen the gradient cans and existential Instagrams, Recess is the brand on a mission to can a feeling. If you’re feeling sleepy or just want something to sip on with friends, grab a Recess. While the 10mg of CBD ingested probably isn’t going to do much as a one-off (CBD at these levels needs a bit of time to accumulate), it will wake you up with Ginseng and L-theanine and other adaptogens to keep you cool, calm and awake.