Retrograde Is the Worst This Month

Here's your monthly horoscope by @jakesastrology. This month you have over 4 major astrological shifts happening so keep scrolling to see your monthly astrology and mark your calendar for each date.

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This month, you’re in for a wild ride. At the top of the month, three big events hit you back-to-back-to-back—first, on July 1, Mars enters Leo, which is great news if you’ve been feeling emotionally exhausted from the whirlpool of feelings that is Cancer season. With Mars, planet of action, in fiery, bold Leo, you get an instant mood boost and you’re filled with newfound energy and motivation to do whatever the fuck you want. You’re channeling Leo’s lion-esque vibes, so confidence and swagger are at an all time high! 

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On July 2, there’s a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. Solar Eclipses are just like New Moons, but on steroids. You can take advantage of regular New Moon energy by planting the seeds of new projects, meeting new people to build relationships with or doing the initial work to help you meet future goals. The difference is with a Solar Eclipse you don’t get an option—you’re being pushed forward to the next chapter of your life, ready or not. This Solar Eclipse is in the sign of Cancer and centralizes around the themes of family, home life and emotional security. Aries, Cancers, Libras, and Capricorns are going to get hit the hardest, but luckily this Eclipse is relatively nice and easy—think of it like doing a few warm-up stretches before you run the marathon that is the month of July.

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On July 3, Venus, planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, enters Cancer. The upbeat, chatty and somewhat superficial energy of Venus in Gemini the past few weeks was great for meeting new people and feeling like the most popular kid in school, but you’re feeling ready for something with a little more depth now. Venus in Cancer makes your relationships feel like they’re moving in slow-motion, and your feelings take top priority. You’re not worried about your hundreds of facebook friends or hitting your next Instagram follower milestone—you really only give a shit about the handful of nice people you count among your very best friends and closest relationships. In your love life, the physical side of relationships matters way less, and you’re feeling more romantic than anything. Even if you’re single, you’re mostly in the mood for romantic first dates, not casual hookups.

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This Summer’s dreaded Mercury retrograde starts on July 7, and you better fasten your seatbelt—this one’s going to be a real doozy. It lasts all month long and takes place in bold Leo, but backpedals into moody Cancer on July 19.  Leo and Cancer are both very self-centered and self-conscious signs, and you run a huge risk of taking everything you hear very personally. You’re feeling soft and tender enough that even a simple misunderstanding or tiny disagreement can cut deep, so try to remember that Mercury retrograde’s whole “thing” is causing miscommunications and general confusion, so if everything feels like a personal attack, it probably isn’t!

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The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16 is this month’s most drama-filled event—yes, even more than Mercury retrograde—and isn’t nearly as nice as the Solar Eclipse at the beginning of the month. Solar Eclipses represent beginnings and new opportunities, but in order to make room for all of the growth coming into your life, something has to give—and that’s where this Lunar Eclipse comes in. Lunar Eclipses are just like Full Moons—they mark a period of time where a project, relationship, or other major narrative in your life culminates, reaches its apex point, then begins winding down. This Lunar Eclipse is in Capricorn, the stickler of the zodiac, and receives major influence from Pluto, planet of transformation, and Saturn, planet of restrictions, limitations, and responsibility. It’s an aggressive transit, to say the least. It highlights your goals, public image, and reputation—whether it’s your relationship goals, professional aspirations, or just a personal challenge you want to beat, this Lunar Eclipse promises to highlight everything wrong with what you’re doing. It might feel overwhelming and defeating, but the whole point is to help you figure out what parts of your life need to be edited and trimmed down so you can live to your fullest potential! 

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You can fully come out of your shell on July 22 when Leo season starts! The low-key, quiet vibes of Cancer season evaporate towards the end of the month as the Sun enters its favorite sign. You’re no longer caught in your feelings 24/7 with this energy, and the fun-loving and creative vibes of Leo give you an optimistic attitude that makes navigating all of the drama from Mercury retrograde and this month’s eclipses a breeze. You’re more excited about life when your channeling Leo’s happy-go-lucky vibes, and any crabbiness from Cancer season is exiting the stage.

The month concludes with Venus joining the party in Leo on July 27. After a month of strengthening your tightest bonds and getting seriously in-touch with your feelings, Venus in Leo helps you lighten up a little, have fun with your loved ones, feel more romantic and get way more action, too. Even better, Mercury retrograde ends just a few days later on July 31, and it’s smooth sailing from there on out. Although July has some of 2019’s darkest, scariest astro-weather, the rest of the Summer has some of the best astrology of the year, so do your best to survive and you’ll be rewarded with a nice ending to your Summer!


Aries: July finds you leaving the house again more and more as the month goes on. You’ve been a real shut-in since last month, but the grey, overcast Cancerian energy of June dissolves and life becomes colorful and fun again by the time Leo season starts. If you’re in the mood for some Summer lovin’, the end of July is the best time to find some action!


Taurus: Cancer season’s calm energy feels like one long nap, and the Leo energy of this month is like the Sun finally coming up over the horizon, shining bright—but you’re still feeling drowsy and hitting “snooze” on your alarm over and over. Take your time waking up, Taurus—this month is great for recharging your batteries and letting yourself shamelessly be an introvert.


Gemini: If there’s any sign that likes to be the life of the party more than you, it’s Leo, so the fiery vibes of this month’s astrology blend splendidly with your own! You’re more charming than ever, coming up with hilarious jokes, and there’s always some type of social soiree to attend. You’re always (always) busy this month, but you DGAF because you’re having so much fun!


Cancer: HBD, Cancer! Although Mars and the Sun move into Leo this month, lovely Venus spends a ton of time in your sign which more than makes up for it. Venus rules beauty, so it’s a month where you’re feeling (and looking) hotter than ever, and it’s a great time for a makeover. Because of Mercury retrograde, anything permanent is a big no-no for you, so save the crazy hair colors or getting bangs for next month.


Leo: Mars entering your sign at the very beginning of July is the shot of adrenaline you need to navigate the murky waters of Cancer season. Even still, you have a tough time shaking the crabby mood and bad attitude until the end of the month, when the Sun enters your sign and marks the beginning of Leo season. Venus enters your sign before July ends, too, which is the perfect astrology for looking good and feeling gorgeous—just in time for your birthday!


Virgo: Your Summer’s been pretty social so far, but as this month drags on, you start to embody one of the archetypes of your sign—the Hermit—and sort of lay low for a hot minute. While everyone else is Instagramming their beach parties and 4th of July barbecues, you’re relaxing, unwinding, and taking frequent cat naps.


Libra: Your job has been a big focus lately, and the more time you spend at work and not at the pool, the more you feel like your Summer vacation is getting shitted on. Leo season’s vibes are a dramatic change from the dreariness of Cancer season. Instead of working overtime, your social life blossoms and blooms all month long—and you’re loving every second of it.


Scorpio: Cancer season’s vibes are the best for attracting travel opportunities your way, so if you don’t have any Summer trips planned, there’s still time for a surprise opportunity for a little vacation to present itself before Leo season starts! Once the Sun enters the sign of the lion, however, work becomes your number one focus.


Sagittarius: Every year, Cancer season feels like a crab roast for your sign, and this year has left you feeling like more of a sensitive soft-shell crab than usual! July warms you back up and takes your mood from a 2 to a 10 as more planetary action goes on in Leo. PS: Leo energy is known to attract good luck and surprise traveling ops for your sign!


Capricorn: Cancer season’s vibes are all about relationships for you, so you’re spending a ton of time with your S.O. and your friends ATM. As July gets moving and more planets move into Leo, you shift your focus from relationships in general to your most intimate ones, like your spouse, your very best friend or your relationship with finances. BTW, the eclipses this month have the chance to bring major changes to your relationship status.


Aquarius: Your Summer is fixing to get way brighter, Aquarius! It feels like every time to make plans to go out or do something fun, your job has been calling you in or making you stay late, and you’re just about over it—luckily, Leo season activates your chart’s zone of relationships, so instead of breaking your back on the job, you’re spending most of this month making new friends and spending time with your boo.


Pisces: June was a pretty exciting month for your sign, and that trend continues for most of the month of July—yay! Love is (still) in the air and you’re feeling more playful, romantic, and dreamy, but as the month carries along and Leo season starts, the real world comes knocking and brings an end to the 24/7 fun. Don’t feel bad—just think of all the partying you can fund next month with all of the overtime pay you’re earning!