Everything You Need to Know About the Lunar Phase This Month

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It takes about a month for the Moon to go through all of its phases—from New Moon, to the waxing Half Moon, to the Full Moon, and finally the waning Half Moon. Depending on which sign the Moon is in during each phase, you can get idea of the general narrative you have that month. This month holds a New Moon in Gemini and a Full Moon in Sagittarius. This high-energy Moon cycle is f*cking phenomenal for networking, setting bold goals, and starting long-term projects. 

The New Moon (or Cazimi Moon if you want to sound fancy) in Gemini on June 3 is the first part of June’s lunation cycle. New Moons are all about beginnings—you’re planting the seeds of a new relationship, business venture, or some other project. Interestingly enough, Gemini is classified as a mutable sign, which means any planetary action in this sign tends to relate to wrapping up old matters, clearing the board, and doing prep-work for whatever’s coming next. Gemini is the sign of intellectually thinking and communicating, so the beginning of June is great for bouncing ideas off of others and mentally formulating how you want to take on whatever it is you’re working towards this month. Thinking about getting a new job? This is the time to stick it to your boss and say “I’m out” (or maybe just use Gemini’s expert communicative skills to write a kickass two weeks notice)! Important conversations, emails, phone calls, and the mental conception of how you’re taking on the rest of June is the theme of this New Moon.

As the dark New Moon grows in size, it eventually enters phase two of the lunar cycle—the waxing Half Moon. This month, it’s in Virgo and happens on June 10. This week is for you to take all of the planning and contemplating you did during the New Moon and actually do something with it. This is the development phase where you put in the work and get the ball rolling for this month’s big project. Write out a list delineating your goals and what you want to do to meet them—Virgoan energy is perfect for this, since the earth sign is the zodiac’s neat freak and loves to organize shit, Marie Kondo style—and start to do the thing. Virgo is the detail oriented sign of duty, hard work, and never accepting anything less than perfection. You’re doing way less talking/thinking and way more doing/applying yourself in practical ways to handle your shit. Those seeds you planted during the New Moon are starting to sprout, and you’re being held accountable for keeping them watered, fertilized, and well taken care of so they can grow into something significant.

The Virgo Moon put you in a serious frame of mind and made you work your entire ass off, and the Full Moon is when you start seeing real results of your efforts.

The Full Moon is the busiest lunation this month. It’s on June 17 and takes place in the spirited fire sign Sagittarius. This is the peak moment, the apex point, where the height of the action takes place. The Virgo Moon put you in a serious frame of mind and made you work your entire ass off, and the Full Moon is when you start seeing real results of your efforts. Sagittarius is a total busybody, so you’re working just as hard, but feeling goddamn great about it since Sag is the most optimistic sign. Sagittarius represents abundance and expansion, so this Full Moon brings especially noticeable progress in the work you’re doing this month. If you’re crushing hard on someone and spent the previous two weeks trying to impress them and let them know you’re interested, this is when the first date might happen. If you started a new job, this is the post-training phase where you become a “real” employee and can take your new role seriously. This Full Moon is going to be a real thrill ride for anyone moving to a new place, because Sagittarius is the sign of travel and exploration. Mental exploration falls into this category, so anything related to higher education or the academic realm is favored now as well. The realm of media and publishing falls into Sagittarius’ territory, so authors, journalists, and any sort of writer or publisher should take advantage of this especially potent and exciting lunation because it can lead to serious upwards mobility and recognition of your work.

The action continues for a few more days after the Full Moon, and as the Moon grows smaller in side, you eventually get to the waning Half Moon. You’re finishing the last of your work and settling down after one busy ass month during the waning Half Moon, reflecting on all of the progress you made, and preparing for the next big thing. This one happens on June 25 in the fire sign Aries, which is another interesting place for this lunar phase, similar to the Gemini New Moon. Aries is classified as a cardinal sign, aka the zodiac’s initiators and trailblazers. Since Aries is also the very first sign of the zodiac, the theme of new beginnings resonates especially strong with it, although this Moon Phase represents endings and conclusions. 

The narrative described by June’s lunations can be likened to a race.

The narrative described by June’s lunations can be likened to a race. You were stretching your muscles and warming up during the Gemini New Moon, started bolting during the Virgo Moon, and the Sagittarius Full Moon was when you were getting close to the end of the race—but the Aries Moon implies this month’s events are all part of a much bigger picture. This month was less of a sprint and more of the first leg of a marathon, so there’s still a long way to go until you reach the finish line. You conquered the learning curve of your new job, but you’re going to have to work hard to get the position you’re ultimately aiming for. You went on a few dates with this new potential partner, but you’re not about to become an item after a couple of weeks! The first half of June is pushing you to handle your shit and take care of business so you can dive into bigger and better things, and the second half of June helps you look at these monumental wins as small victories helping you get to much higher places.

Pro tip: The progress you make this month feels monumental, and in the grand scheme of things might seem small when you’re looking back at them down the line—but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth celebrating! You’re going to kick ass this month, and should feel pretty damn great when it’s all said and done, so take a night off and arrange a nice time with your squad, or splurge on something luxurious from your Amazon wish list! Eclipse season starts in July (and eclipses are basically New/Full Moons on steroids) and you’ll have your work cut out for you in whatever realm of life you’re making moves in this month—relationships stabilize and get serious, your new job holds you accountable for more work, or you settle into your new place—especially with *dun dun dun* Mercury retrograde starting on July 7. No pressure, though! This month, you’re the boss, you’re putting in the work, and before it’s all said and done, you’re going to fucking nail it. Good luck!