Everything You Need to Focus in 2019

When you think about all the stereotypes surrounding weed, motivation isn’t a common one. Lazy, burnout, stoner; these are the labels those out of the cannabis closet tend to be most familiar with.

But, as those who’ve meticulously organized their closets and cleaned their bathrooms till they glimmered like a KILLAWATT swatch can attest to after smoking a joint, sometimes weed can turn you into a Marie Kondo method master. It can help you find new perspectives and spark joy. Maybe alphabetize your kitchen appliances.

Now, to the science. The research we have is, like with all things weed, thin. One study showcases in youths there is cognitive decline with high doses of cannabis (if you’re under 18 you shouldn’t be using weed). Other studies “demonstrate that acute marijuana smoking produced minimal effects on complex cognitive task performance in experienced marijuana users.”

What we do know is some creatives are drawn to cannabis, and, pending your personality and makeup of your endocannabinoid system, you should use products that help you dampen emotions that burden productivity and creativity. Some of the biggest burdens to creativity are fear, stress, restrictive routines, beliefs, ego, self-criticism, etc. Cannabis, in the right dose, might be able to dampen some of the negativity associated with lack of creativity, and, pending your line of work, productivity.

We’ve curated a list of products to help you spark/eat/slather/find joy in your life and hopefully come up with a nice idea or two.


#5: Mineral Health: Robyn for Balance

Sitting in your online cart looking like some chic friend from Scandinavia, Robyn for Balance is formulated to be dense in cannabinoids that will keep your head out of the anxiety clouds. Concentrated in CBD and CBG along with uplifting terpenes to help you get your mood on track and increase alertness.


#4: Recess

Instagram darling @takearecess is more than your dream moodboard, they make delicious drinks that help you take a break that doesn’t involve a vat of coffee. Each drink has 10mg of full spectrum hemp oil, 200mg of Ginseng, 130mg of L-theanine, and 200mg of Schisandra with flavors like Peach Ginger, Pom Hibiscus, and Blackberry Chai. After a few sips you'll be thinking “LaCroix who?”


#3: Brain FM

Sometimes all you need to get a spark of creativity or motivate yourself to finally clean out your closet is the right music. Pick from five mental states (one being focus) to get results for the mood you want.


#2: Gossamer Dusk

Our friends at Gossamer have made a tincture that not only looks nice, but helps you sleep. With 300mg of full spectrum CBD, high levels of CBN, and a calming terpene blend of Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Citral this is one of the dreamier sleep tinctures you can find. While this won’t put your productivity into overdrive, getting a good night’s sleep is key to being able to focus during the day.


#1: Microdose Kinslips Cloudbuster

Throw out your afternoon coffee with this head-clearing microdose sublingual strip. Looking like a Listerine tab, this tarragon and citrus flavored square goes under your tongue and will help you find focus when you’re struggling to not endlessly scroll through Instagram. Find a dispensary near you (California only) that carries Kinslips.


Thanks for being nice.


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