Welcome to Nice Paper


Hi Nice People,

Welcome to Nice Paper. Our mission is simple: to make weed as nice as you are… and we think you’re pretty nice.

We know that legal weed makes the world a nicer place. Not because of our personal experiences, or even that thing called science that shows it can help with mental and physical issues—but because the mere fact that cannabis is illegal has caused vastly more harm than good.

One thing is certain: As long as weed is illegal, people will continue to have questions that go unanswered. Misinformation inevitably leads to stigma, and stigma slows legalization, leading to more injustice. We want to help everyone lead their nicest life, no matter their zip code.

You could say we’re Mirandas.

Each month, we’ll take a look at a different theme around weed. We’ll break down what you need to know in a weekly email, always starting with our favorite products (and other nice people’s top picks, too). We’ll dive into where we’re at with legalization, dispel mounting myths and claims, and even show you how to make some nice things at home. We’ll also share stories from people whom this plant has helped and hurt—while we are lucky to have cannabis in our lives, many are not, and we believe that everyone’s stories should be heard.

So, with that, welcome to Nice Paper. Thanks for being nice :)

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