Everything You Need to Know About Weed in Canada


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Canada has officially legalized cannabis across the country. With the influx of questions, here is a handy guide to navigating our favorite northerners. We’ll be updating this list as more information surfaces along with any shifts in policy.

  • Pending on your province, different places have different rules. Starting April 1st, Ontario will be privately run, but until then you have to buy on the government’s site, meaning if you’re in Toronto, you’ll have to order online. Quebec has 12 government-run dispensaries while Saskatchewan has 51 privately run stores (so Quebec… get with it). A full guide is available here.

  • THC levels will be lower than what you’re used to on the black market, but this doesn’t mean the quality isn’t good. Quebec is planning to offer many strains at $7 CND per gram. Not bad… an eighth will be under $20 USD before tax. There’s a tax added at the register but TBH… anyone who’s been to CA knows that they’re tax happy.

  • If you’re 18 or older in Quebec, like with drinking, you can smoke for now. The newly elected government said they’re going to bump it up to 21. The legal age in most provinces in 19. It’s also a federal crime to supply weed to minors that don’t qualify for medical … 14 years fam. Don’t do it.

  • Canadians can carry up to 30 grams of weed. If you live and work in Canada we recommend not getting high at work unless you have a medical condition that requires consumption. If you’re using recreationally, high THC levels on the job might not be the best idea, much like you wouldn’t get wasted at 10AM. That being said, if you’re curious about your company’s policy on recreational consumption (aka, happy hours are normalized), ask your boss.

  • There are no cannabis cafes, this isn’t Amsterdam. You can smoke weed where you smoke cigarettes in most provinces and always check to see if your hotel has banned consumption on premise. Safest rule of thumb is to educate yourself on the province’s rules and stick to the designated areas.

  • Don’t be stupid. Don’t drive when you’re super high just like you wouldn't drive drunk. You can kill someone, THC is a psychoactive and impairs your motor skills so even if you’re a “good driver” shit happens and your response rate won’t be the same as when you’re sober.

  • Over 500,000 Canadians have criminal records for cannabis possession. Currently the government is pardoning anyone who has had a possession crime. Not as good as expungement, but when you look at the scale and ability to participate in the industry, we’ll take what we can get.  

  • No, you can’t bring it back. The US still is archaic on cannabis policy. You’ll get in trouble and could be arrested so, just don’t.

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