You Might Want to Add Cannabis to Your Workout Routine


Summer is still here.

With rising hemlines and sea levels, you’re probably seeing an influx of articles and pixelated ads about dieting tips (cleanses, we see you), bikini bods, beach bods, dad bods, and whatever other bods people are  into this season.

Taking the philosophical approach of being nice to yourself, this month is all about making the bod you have feel its best. Muscles feeling sore? We look into whether you can use cannabis to fix it. Also: How can cannabis help with chronic pain? What kinds of weed are effective? Can cannabis be used to repair your mind and body after a shower-shaving accident that resulted in a slipped disc? (It can happen; be careful out there, friends.)  

Whether you’re training for a marathon, have chronic pain, or are just trying to make your calves hurt less from an excessive night out, we’re here to answer any and all questions on how weed can make your body feel better.


Looks like New Yorkers are one step closer to getting statewide legalization. In a study that could have been called “No Shit,”  the results to Governor Andrew Cuomo's commissioned study on the impact of cannabis legalization are finally in.

Unsurprisingly, New York State Commissioner Howard Zucker concluded that “the positive effects of a regulated marijuana market in [New York State] outweigh the potential negative impacts.” Zucker claimed in the announcement that they “have new facts.”

Guess they never read the report a past New York mayor commissioned that showcased similar findings in 1944.


We've partnered with a couple of our favorite juice and coffee shops to make drinks that'll chill out New York. Thirsty in the city? Head over to Round K for a color-changing mood ring CBD tea. Parched in Brooklyn? Try Grassroots Juicery's CBD rose water and coconut milk elixir topped with cold-pressed strawberries and mint (plus some CBD, obviously). Both are made with full-spectrum CBD containing anti-anxiety and inflammatory properties. And both are delicious.

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