Nice Times With Terence Edgerson 🎉

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You've probably seen Terence Edgerson (aka @nysocialbee) out in New York. Starting his career in fashion PR, it didn't take Edgerson long to realize that he had a knack for getting people to show up places. Years after moving to the city, he took the leap into starting his own business hosting and consulting on parties for brands and organizers. Read on to see what this nightlife entrepreneur does to feel nice. 

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Leo/he or she/New York 

Tell us about yourself:

Hiii my names Terence, I'm a midwestern New Yorker, single, and I live in Manhattan, New York. I’ve been here just about 10 years now, I’m a nightlife entrepreneur with a background in fashion and PR. I love donuts. I also enjoy a good margarita and taco Tuesday.  

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What are you proud about right now?

I’m proud of taking the first steps in starting my own business. 

What was your first experience with weed?

Omg! My first experience with weed was when I snuck up to Michigan State university for Halloween and I spent the night. The next morning one of the guys was sitting on his bed with the door open and asked if I wanted a hit, I said sure even though I’d never smoked before. I could barely breathe from coughing so much, I finally went home and my sister told my mom I had cotton mouth. It was quite comical but very memorable and I still think about it from time to time. 

What do you like using? Any favorite brands?

I like using anything that keeps me mellow, you know I’m actually still learning about the different brands and different kinds. I’d love if there were a seminar or a 411 class on brands.

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What does "wellness" mean to you?

 I wish there wasn’t a negative association with it. There’s a lot of good weed does for people but its rarely publicized.

Favorite nighttime ritual?

Their generosity, generous with their time, generous with their love, whatever it may be they give generously from their heart and I think that is one of the greatest qualities that I admire in my friends and try to do myself. 

What skincare products do you swear by?

Omg Doritos!!! Hands down, stain on my fingers and all I can’t stop.

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What do you wish people understood about weed?

It's healing. There are different doses and methods of use to suit your needs. 

What do you admire most in your friends?

Their willingness to be themselves. My friends are all insanely talented and creative in their own right. Their drive and passion inspires me. They are all genuine and honest in their craft and relationships. They are compassionate, loving, and kind.

Favorite munchies?

Salt and vinegar chips. Pistachio Oreo thins.

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If you're not feeling nice, what do you do?

I go for a short run, I used to bike a lot but I don’t bike in the city anymore so I either run or have a glass of wine to relax and feel better.  

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What's the advice you want to listen to more?

Oh I want to be more present, that’s the advice I want to listen to more. How I can be more present, phone away, or not distracted while talking to someone.

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