5 CBD Tinctures We Actually Use

To say there are a lot of tinctures in the market is an understatement. Looking beyond the online hemp market into cannabis and you're getting into too many brands to count. In a sea of tinctures, many of which are unregulated (remember, the legal cannabis market is the only place to get regulated CBD) we sometimes get confused as to what's best. To make life a little nicer, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite brands based on efficacy, branding, and a range of price points. 

Because the list is long and we all have lives to live, this week we're covering our favorite basic tinctures. These are tinctures that contain only CBD and a few other ingredients, nothing fancy for now. Next week we'll cover tinctures that have a little something extra (think THC, sleep, focus, and more nice things). 


Rosebud CBD

Rosebud CBD is more concentrated than your average tincture: the smaller bottles pack a punch in varying strengths of 350mg, 700mg and 1000mg. Recommended dosing is dependent on individual and formula strength, but start at 1/4 dropper and work your way up.

2. CordialCBD_NL.png

Enhance Cordial Organics

One of the first CBD full spectrum in MCT oil products we ever came into contact with, Cordial is good value for the dosage.

3. IldiPekar_NL.png

Ildi Pekar Balancing Drops

Pekar spent months sourcing CBD for her beauty products, so it’s no surprise her tincture is clean, free of pesticides, and high quality.


Soul Addict

With 250mg in a 1oz bottle or 500mg of CBD in a 2oz bottle, Soul Addict recommends starting with 15 drops (or 4.2mg) and working up from there. What's nice about this brand is their use of hemp seed oil in the tincture which is great for your skin and as a carrier oil for the CBD.


New Highs

It’s sometimes hard to find a tincture in higher doses but New Highs has two tinctures both of which tip the scales on CBD dosing. In 700mg and 1200mg this tincture feels extra luxe with its dropper bottle that has a beauty vibe.

Have a favorite product you didn’t see? Talk to us. Next week we'll be featuring more tinctures that are nice. 

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