How to Survive the Holidays


As you’ve probably heard, Thanksgiving is this Thursday.

Family gatherings can be a trying time. For those of us that have conflicted feelings about going home or strained relations with extended family we have a Nice List for you.

This month we’re talking about how to deal with the holidays, food that makes for incredible edibles, and an easy guide on how to talk to every skeptic in your family about weed. We’ll also share some nice things to get for yourself or people you like.

With that, here’s what’s been happening in the wonderful world of weed.


One of our favorite podcasts has finally tackled the wellness world’s beloved cannabinoid—CBD. TLDR; CBD is promising, but, as we’ve been saying, the science is only indicative. While it is exciting, and the anecdotal results are compelling, we need more science before we go jumping to definitive conclusions. Have a listen here.


Illinois is the latest state to explore recreational cannabis legalization. Sen. Scott Bennett is expecting policy to clear the General Assembly in the near future. "To put an exact date on it is premature but I think (Governor-elect J.B) Pritzker said last week that he hopes it is one of the first things he wants to do. I don't hear anybody in the Legislature really criticizing it at this point… Sure we want to do it thoughtfully but this is yet another revenue source that we can talk about. After passing medical marijuana here you can see that there are ways we can regulate it and do it in a professional setting."

The running tally is now 10 states that have fully legalized cannabis. All we can say to New York policy makers is… get it together. Your backwardness is showing.


While we’re working on how to talk to the skeptics in your family about weed, here’s how you can talk to the cannacurious people in your life.