Why Weed Might Be the Best Thing That Happened to Your Face


Beauty is a subjective thing. Some people like a contour, others like no makeup, some like no-makeup makeup. The beautiful thing about beauty is no two people will approach it the same way. It’s not universal, no matter what our feeds tell us.

Cosmetics are nice, but we’re not going to tell you how to contour your toes or make your clavicles pop (end us if we ever do). We’re going to focus on your largest organ and how to keep it happy—your skin. Whether it’s irritation, acne, or dry patches in 100% humidity (hi, guilty), we’ll help you navigate how weed can help.

Diving deep into the research that’s available on cannabinoids and skin, we’ll show you why weed has promise in the skincare world, some places you may want to go for treatments, and things you might want to try with our first-ever beauty awards nice list. All tested, all vetted, all things for your face and body. (If you want pain topicals we covered that last month. Click here if that’s your kinkClick here if you want to make your own.)

If you have a beauty product you’re obsessed with, there’s still time to get it in the testing rounds. Click here to get in touch.

Otherwise, see you nice people next week :)


It’s nice to know that politics isn’t always bad news. District Attorney General Eric Gonzalez is inviting people to request conviction dismissals and anticipates prosecutors to agree on the 20,000 plus low-level cannabis conviction cases since 1990 and an unknown number of older ones. 

"It's a little unfair to say we're no longer prosecuting these cases, but to have these folks carry these convictions for the rest of their lives," Gonzalez told The Associated Press.

Other states which have cleared convictions en masse are San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle (LA, catch up). We are still waiting for Democratic Governor Jerry Brown to move forward with a measure reducing or clearing over 220,000 cannabis conviction in California. 

While no measure is perfect, this is the first step. For the full press release and the program “Begin Again,” click here


If you were wondering why there isn’t an Airbnb of cannabis-friendly apartments, houses, and whatever else you rent, stop dreaming, it’s a reality now. Bud and Breakfast has over 540 listings across the US, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. Bud and Breakfast is the ”largest collection of marijuana-friendly hotels and other cannabis-friendly rentals anywhere on the web.”


Even though Cynthia Nixon lost the primary on Thursday September 13th, it’s a good reminder to register to vote and be active in your community. Her running has successfully pushed Cuomo closer to the agenda he promised New Yorkers—an innovative New York which includes legal cannabis.