Nice Times with Shelby Sells ⭐️


You might know Shelby Sells from her engrossing and vibrant photography series Perv On The Go. Using imagery, writing, and video Shelby Sells hopes to help people “liberate their sexual prowess.” A writer, photographer, cinematographer and soon-to-be sex therapist, Sells has also given us some nice advice on relationships; whether it be “how to deal with rejection” or “how to spot the emotionally unavailable” (once you’re done here you might want to click over). Keep reading to see what makes this sexologist feel nice.



Libra/She/East Village NYC

Tell us about yourself:

I am a writer and sexpert. My work focuses on the intersection of love, sex, and relationships. I hope to create and inspire intimacy through my work. I'm a student at Hunter College majoring in Psychology with a Human Sexuality emphasis. My goal after I finish my schooling is to become a sex therapist. 

I grew up in Boise, Idaho. I love film and traveling. There's nothing better than a night out dancing with my friends. I'm a foodie and love experimenting with my taste palate. I'm an 80s Alternative music stan. I would do anything to be a tiny fuzzy puppy for a day. I'm a diehard romantic.  


What are you proud about right now?

I'm proud of how much I've grown personally and professionally over the last few years. I'm proud that I live in NYC alone - creating that space for myself. I'm proud of going back to school and the higher education I'm choosing to receive. I'm proud of the tight-knit community of friends and loved ones I keep close to me.

What was your first experience with weed?

LMAO. The first time I smoked I went snowboarding with my friends in Idaho when I was 14. We were on the side of a mountain, shotgunning out of a Redbull can.

What do you like using? Any favorite brands?

CBD helps with my anxiety. I have been experimenting with some products I’ve been gifted. 


What does "wellness" mean to you?

Wellness to me means nurturing my mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual self. Each of these aspects affect one another, so it's important to nourish them all equally. Wellness is having the awareness to identify what you need or don't need, listening to that part of yourself, and taking care of it in a healthy way. Wellness is self-love.

Favorite nighttime ritual?

Eating treats in bed (haha jk). I love taking a hot shower, putting oils on my body, doing a face mask, brushing my teeth, turning on my aromatherapy diffuser, and masturbating hehe.  

What skincare products do you swear by?

Mario Badescu rose water spray, super collagen mask, and cellufirm drops. Thayers witch hazel rose toner.  


What do you wish people understood about weed?

It's healing. There are different doses and methods of use to suit your needs. 

What do you admire most in your friends?

Their willingness to be themselves. My friends are all insanely talented and creative in their own right. Their drive and passion inspires me. They are all genuine and honest in their craft and relationships. They are compassionate, loving, and kind.

Favorite munchies?

Salt and vinegar chips. Pistachio Oreo thins.


If you're not feeling nice, what do you do?

Identify where the negative energy is coming from and what is causing it. Take a few minutes to sort through my feelings. Breathe. Call a friend. 

What's the advice you want to listen to more?

Be kind to yourself.

Dream presidential candidate in 2020?