You're a Gemini This Month

Jake Register from @jakesastrology breaks down everything you need to know about your sign for March.

Happy June! The days are getting longer, the weather’s warming up and summer is right around the corner. The month starts out with Gemini season in full swing so you should feel upbeat, social and adventurous. Mercury, planet of communication, exits Gemini on June 4 and takes a dip into the water sign Cancer giving you a more subjective and emotional style of thinking and communicating. On June 8, Venus leaves its favorite sign, Taurus, and joins the party in Gemini. Venus stays here for the rest of the month and aims to bring tons of action and variety to your relationships. New friends, professional networking opportunities and first dates are easier to find this month. Summer officially begins on June 21 when the Sun enters Cancer. This astro-weather is very emotional, and your feelings become your top priority. You’re more prone to feeling crabby (that’s a Cancer joke) during Cancer season because of how sensitive you’re feeling, but as long as your keep the moodiness under wraps, this time of year is great for relaxing, flexing your creative muscles and getting in touch with your feelings. Meditation, yoga, and practicing mindfulness are all nice ways to tune into your inner self and use this energy to its best potential. The month ends with Mercury entering fiery Leo on June 26. You’re still living in your feelings because of the Sun in Cancer, but Mercury in Leo helps you keep your mood lifted with its frisky, playful, and high-energy vibes. Just a heads up: Mercury goes retrograde in Leo at the beginning of July, so if you crack your phone screen, get a flat tire or miss an important appointment, that’s Mercury’s pre-retrograde influence warming you up for next month!


For most of the month, Gemini season lights up your chart’s communication sector, so there’s always somewhere to be, something to do or someone to see. Good news is you’re having a great time being busy. After Mercury enters Cancer on the 4th, you become more family-focused and spend less time going out, but you’re not a complete homebody. Venus entering Gemini on the 8th ensures you have enough time with your friends to ensure you’re never bored. Cancer season starting on the 21st does turn you into somewhat of a shut-in, pulling your focus to your home life and amping up your emotions. Eat a nice edible, veg out for a few days, and recharge your batteries—you’ll need the extra energy once Mercury enters Leo on the 26th! This wakes up your chart’s zone of sex, romance, and fun, attracting all of your favorite nice things (and extra action in your love life) to help you start your Summer off on the right foot.


Gemini season is fun and all, but the breakneck pace of the air sign’s energy wears you the f*ck out. Mercury entering Cancer on the 4th tones things down to a speed you’re comfortable with. You’re less focused on doing all the things at once and can take a more easy going approach to dealing with others. Venus leaves your sign on the 8th and enters Gemini and brings tons of new connections into your life—many of them being work-related—and attracts extra cash into your bank account, too! Working is kind of your “thing” (like all earth signs) as long as you’re able to do things your way and move at your own pace. Cancer season, starting the 21st, pumps the brakes on Gemini season’s quick rhythm, and brings a more go-with-the-flow energy. Mercury entering Leo on the 26th feels just right and ensures you have plenty of “me time” at the house whenever you’re not killing it at work.


Happy birthday! The Sun and your fav planet, Mercury, in your sign at the start of the month means you’re thriving—everyone’s feeling as social as you are, so there’s never a dull moment without chatting/joking/flirting (your favorite things). Despite how aggressively extroverted your sign tends to be, you slow down and retreat into your shell starting on the 4th when Mercury takes a dip into Cancer, and getting down to business on the job becomes a bigger priority than goofing around and partying. Don’t let that crush your spirit, because on the 8th Venus, planet of love and beauty, enters your sign! This transit is the biggest “treat yourself” astro-weather you can ever hope for—you’re bringing in more money, romance, and basically feeling like you’re the sh*t because of how attractive you’re looking and feeling. You can afford to splurge on a day trip or shopping spree because Cancer season starting the 21st means you’re rising and grinding at your 9 to 5 more and more, and Mercury in Leo starting the 26th attracts new networking opportunities to help you make that bread !


Gemini season is taking your breath away this month with its non-stop, always busy energy, but Mercury entering your sign on the 4th brings you back down to planet Earth and you’re finally able to breathe again. Venus entering Gemini on the 8th makes everyone else more talkative, but you’re experiencing less action in your relationships. You’re sentimental and prefer a super tight circle of a few friends as opposed to being a social butterfly with a ton of acquaintances, so the superficial and surface-level interactions of Venus in Gemini don’t really do it for you. Conditions improve starting on the 21st and your season starts (happy birthday!).The hustle and bustle of everyday life chills out and you can drift through life at your own speed. Mercury entering Leo on the 26th brightens your attitude and zhuzhes up your life with a more optimistic frame of mind without getting too hectic.


Life isn’t a popularity contest—unless it’s during Gemini season in which case life is an Olympics-level popularity contest. Unsurprising to you, you get the gold medal! Standing out comes naturally to you and you’re shining bright at the start of the month. When Mercury enters Cancer on the 4th, the water sign’s moody vibes dampen your spirit. You like to show-off but Cancerian energy doesn’t give a shit about that—people are seeking out emotional, in-depth connections, not looking to be the audience of your one-person talent show. Venus entering Gemini on the 8th helps to keep you an active participant in your social life despite the lonely vibes of Mercury in Cancer. These vibes will get more intense when Cancer season starts on the 21st. Ask for time off work, take a moment for you and meditate—you deserve a break. Mercury flies into your sign on the 26th, waking you up from your cat nap and helping you find your spotlight again.


hen Mercury enters Cancer on the 4th, work finally calms down allowing for the career-related stress of Gemini season to lighten up a little. Venus entering Gemini on the 8th activates the same part of your chart of career and reputation that Mercury just left, but it’s not nearly as high-pressure. You’re more congenial with co-workers, impressing your higher-ups and making money. Balancing work and play isn’t easy but Cancer season, starting the 21st, helps you to focus on your social life without flopping on the job. But remember, be careful. You risk burning out once Mercury enters Leo on the 26th. You’re very all-or-nothing, so while you’re killing it at work and have an amazing social life you’re not saving any time for you. There are only 24 hours in a day, Virgo, and they can’t all be spent doing stuff. You need sleep and Mercury in Leo is the perfect time for a quick cat nap.


If you feel like you’re under a magnifying glass at work, it’s because you are. Mercury entering Cancer on the 4th brings your work performance to the forefront of your life, and it’s all eyes on you. Thanks to Venus entering fellow air sign Gemini on the 8th, you’ll avoid feeling the pressure helping you maximize your socially-savvy nature. This is your time to charm. A mini-vacay to start off your Summer may present itself this month, but it’s likely a work-related expedition. Still, a trip is a trip, and even if it’s for work, at least you’re getting paid! It feels like that magnifying glass at work turns into a microscope once Cancer season starts on the 21st. Don’t let that pressure make you retreat into your shell, this is an opportunity for upward mobility. When Mercury enters Leo on the 26th there are networking opportunities galore practically falling into your lap.


Got any vacationing planned for the Summer, Scorpio? Mercury flying into Cancer on the 4th is a big astrological marker for travel opportunities, so a surprise day trip or beach visit might be in your stars! Your depth, intensity, and passion are unlike any other sign, and when it comes to relationships, you’re either entangled with someone or don’t give a sh*t. Venus entering Gemini on the 8th tends to attract superficial interactions, but not for your sign. Gemini is a sign that loves learning, and Venus here activates your chart’s zone of intimacy, aka you’re getting to know your closest loved ones on a very, very deep level and making memories through shared experiences and deep conversations—oh, and your sex life is seeing way more action, too! When the Sun joins Mercury in Cancer on the 21st, your mood is lifted by its like-minded water sign vibes which helps you out a ton when Mercury enters Leo on the 26th and makes work-related emails, meetings, and presentations a much bigger part of your life.


When Mercury enters clingy Cancer on the 4th, your free spirit gets reigned in by the real world. As much as you’d love to truly embody your “IDGAF” ideologies, you have commitments that need to be tended to including your financial obligations and relationships. Your feet have to touch the ground for a spell, but the emotional nature of Cancer plus Venus entering Gemini (in your chart’s relationships zone) on the 8th means that you’re getting to know your friends and partner on a deeper level this month. Relationships aren’t a ball-and-chain designed to keep you pinned down—they support and uplift you and help you reach new heights and learn things you’d never be able to alone. Cancer season starting on the 21st reinforces these slowed-down vibes, and your emotional attachments become way more significant. Life doesn’t feel like a wet blanket for too long, though, because Mercury entering Leo on the 26th reinvigorates your extroverted, optimistic attitude while still retaining the emotional competency and deep relationships you’re growing during Cancer season.


Gemini season is fast-paced for every sign, but you’re spending every waking moment working, running errands, cleaning house and trying to organize your whole entire life. You’re not riding the struggle bus, you are the bus. A sign as famously uptight as yours doesn’t need any more stress than you already deal with, so the relaxed vibes of Mercury in Cancer washing over you starting on the 4th are more than welcome! Work becomes less of a priority and your friends and S.O. are around more now. Venus entering Gemini on the 8th brings more activity to your workplace, but without worsening your monumental headache—basically, it makes working fun again, helps you get along with coworkers, and make a little extra cash in the meantime. Cancer season starting on the 21st means the load on your slam-packed schedule lightens up and you’re more open to spending time with nice people like your bestie or partner.


Gemini season is a breeze for you, since its like-minded air sign vibes honor your own, and it attracts the potential for more romance, hotter sex and having a damn good time your way. The party isn’t quite over yet, but Mercury sliding into Cancer on the 4th means that your daily agenda has less time for smoke sessions because of the extra shifts your job is jamming into your schedule. No worries—Venus enters Gemini right after, on the 8th, which is pretty much the best place for Venus to hang out in your chart. When the planet of love and pleasure is in your chart’s zone of love, sex and fun, you adopt a “glass half full” mentality and don’t stress over work—even when it goes into overdrive at the start of Cancer season on the 21st. All of the action in your love life can bring the potential for a new love affair (or just having a great time with your S.O.) when Mercury enters Leo on the 26th, activating your chart’s relationships zone!


Rise and shine, Pisces! Airy Gemini season has everyone else with their head in the clouds and busy 24/7, but not you! You’re staying true to your water sign sensibilities and floating through life at your own speed, practicing being an introvert and chilling at home until this whirlwind passes over. Chilling under the sea is nice and all, but you’re starting to get lonely. Luckily, Mercury enters Cancer on the 4th and flips the switch in your chart’s zone of love, sex, and fun! You’re ready to get lit, but Venus entering Gemini on the 8th reinforces your recent homebody lifestyle—you’re totally down to pre-game, but not ready to party just yet. Cancer season starts on the 21st and your Summer vacation officially begins. Your love life will also light up during this time, embrace it! When Mercury enters Leo on the 26th, this activates your chart’s zone of work and responsibilities meaning that turning up is less important that turning in any important assignments or major presentations on the job which will feel like a bummer. Just keep swimming, Pisces—as long as you balance out work and play, this Summer promises to be one for the books!